13 February, 2010

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Last night was fun!  I got a ton of new lingerie, and even managed to find a bathing suit I liked.  It’s hello kitty, red, and totally backless.  We’ll see if I’m a total wimp and don’t post a picture, or grow some balls, and post one.  lol. 

This morning, Master gave me a surprise!  He told me he didn’t have to work monday, and we have the day off together!  AND, we’re going to see Avatar on monday as well.  We’ve both been wanting to see it, but things keep getting in the way.  Two and a half hour movie?  Here I come!  lol.  I’m really excited.

Last night we picked up ten skeins of yarn for my mother, and today we’re going to get a couple more trinkets to put in her box, which I’m sure we’ll ship out this week.  We’re leaving in a few minutes to go to Whole Foods, and that’s it for errands today, thank goodness.

Ooh, and I made some more progress on my Day Zero Project list. ^^ I got through one week doing one hundred crunches a day.  I liked it.  It’s something I used to do back in high school, and I think I’m going to keep it going, with one exception.  There’s one day per week where I don’t do any strength training or cardio, and I think I’ll not do any crunches on that day either.

So that’s it!  I’m boring these last few days.

6 thoughts on “13 February, 2010

  1. Damn I wish I was as petite as you and could get cute hello kitty clothes! *pouts* ;)

    And yay for lingerie!! :D

    We're off to do our own errands… oohhh and you are SO GONNA LOVE AVATAR!!! :D

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Awe! Well, you look damned hot in that nightie! ;))) Oh! And I totally have an idea for HNT this week.. And it's totally dedicated to YOU! I think you will laugh your ass off, but will totally get it. ^^

  2. Thomas John Brown says:

    I started a Day Zero Project thing yesterday. I saw yours, and I thought it was cool. And then my wife decided to do one also, which means that you have now inspired at least 2 people with your blogs!

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Wow! Sweet! :) I'm glad more people are making lists. I just love it, it's a great way to stay motivated and get some things done that you really want. I get so caught up in all these things I wanna do that I keep forgetting what they are. *laughs*

  3. I have seen Avatar 12 times now and it is completely INCREDIBLE. I am going to see it again in IMAX haha I even learned how to speak Na'vi XDD

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Ooh cool! Master and me have heard mainly good things about it, so we're excited. I guess this is the last weekend to see it in IMAX where we are, so we're trying to take advantage.