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“Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me.” – The Simpsons

“When you have insomnia, you’re never really asleep and you’re never really awake.” – Fight Club

“Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it’s time to get up.” – Unknown

Guess what I’ve been dealing with?  Yeah, insomnia.  You could tell me to try to take a bath every night before bed, because that usually helps people sleep – but actually, Master and me take a bath together EVERY night, and I’m tossing and turning.

Get away from the computer, and the TV for a few hours before bed.  Yeah, been there, done that.  Ugh!  The last few days have been maddening in this regard.  I am doing my best to really tire myself out during the day, but come nighttime, I just haven’t been sleeping.  Yesterday, I did my normal cardio in the morning, plus had an extra 35 minute walk to the store, and when we got home, took a bath, and climbed into bed – I still was tossing and turning most of the night.

I don’t drink caffeine, or eat anything which contains it either.  I’m just going bonkers with this, and I’m really feeling it today.  At least a few times in the last couple days I’ve wanted to seriously lay my head down on a pillow and sleep MID day.  Not good in my opinion.  And, the biggest reason why I won’t let myself do it is because if you nap during the day, you’re less likely to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.  Ick.  So, here goes another day zombie-ish, and let’s hope I can actually sleep tonight.

Master asked me if I would make that casserole I’ve been making tonight. :)  I am SO happy that he keeps requesting this, because it means he really does like it.  Wooot for making food he likes. :D

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11 thoughts on “2-18-2010

  1. And by that I mean, watch tv and crash on the couch in the dark lol Sorry, meant to explain that better ;-)

  2. You know, I’ve found that if I get into bed, turn off the lights and try to watch tv, I usually fall asleep really quick :-)

  3. Insomnia is evil.
    Benadryl and orgasms sometimes help.

  4. LOL “cant sleep, the clowns will eat me” Is also a really good Alice Cooper song :D

    Yea, D has had insomnia for ever…we always have sleeping pills in the house now…tho he’s getting immune to them so we gotta make sure about every 10 days he goes a couple nights without them…which usually means he goes 48 hours of no sleep *sighs* Poor guy.. hopefully now that he’s working he’ll get back to normal. Once I came into the picture his insomnia went away until he lost his job. Flattering I suppose LOL

    As for sleeping, we both have to keep the tv on in the bedroom with something “episodic” in…like family guy, american dad, etc. Usually I wake up around 3am and turn it off.

    Everybody’s different lol ;)

    • redvinylkitty says:

      That is super cute. :) That his insomnia went away when he met you, I mean. I just checked the medication side effects for that pill that is supposed to help me prevent cysts.. Yeah, insomnia is on there. Great. lol.