Swedish fish for Jessie Beth

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I know I stole a couple of swedish fish from you a while back. ;) Come get 'em. lol. ;))

Okay, it’s my first Half Nekkid Thursday entry. :)  Jessie Beth convinced me to join, so I thought I should dedicate this first week to her.  lol. :)  Hope you like it.  Mew mew.

10 thoughts on “Swedish fish for Jessie Beth

  1. Adorable idea, and a pretty photo! ^_^

  2. Thomas John Brown says:

    When’s the second half going to be shown?;)

  3. sudden urge for candy.. funny that.
    Nicely done.

  4. “….”

    Great, you rendered me mute :-P

  5. OOhhhhh *glomps for the swedish fish* *blushes* it’s awesome babydoll!!