HNT :)

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Waiting for Master


So, Master came home from work early today and I don’t really have time to shoot a *new* picture. Here’s an couple oldies but goodies.  Hope you like.


11 thoughts on “HNT :)

  1. lostmaverick says:

    Wow :-)

  2. That's a little more than 'half naked' dear, not that I mind of course! Mew!

  3. Thomas John Brown says:

    WOW! Super hot pose! I can't wait til next Thursday;) I'm just perverted that way:)

  4. Awesome news! Daddy got me two baby ducks!!! I named one Tali and one Jack!!!!

  5. woohoo! sexay! ;D haha I have to start celebrating HNT… Looks like a blast :D

  6. mew mew. yes. i like it very much :D