Cannabis Convention

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Took this picture before we left. Master wanted to get in on the picture, but I was really just trying to take a picture of my new HK shirt, lol. :)

We had to take a picture of this for Gamer Sensei. :) They were giving these drinks out, and they have part of his gamer tag in it! :D Cool.

The convention center had this GIANT bear in front of it! ^^ Cool, eh?

Of course, I had to take a picture under the bear. ^^

But then Apple Pig got jealous, and we had to take a picture with him in it. :D

Omg, we had so much fun yesterday at the convention it was just ridiculous! :)  We both won a bunch of free stuff, some lighters, candy, energy drinks, etc.  I couldn’t eat the candy though, it was M+M’s.  Lucky Master.  They had music, lots of educational stuff, it was really awesome, and I learned so much about cannabis.  I think I’m officially for the legalization of marijuana for all uses.  After learning everything I learned, keeping it illegal seems sillier to me now.  Still doesn’t mean I plan to partake, but I don’t see why responsible adults who want to use it shouldn’t have the chance to.  *shrugs*  Here’s some pictures from the convention! :D

There were a couple more pictures, but Master took them and they are on his phone.

5 thoughts on “Cannabis Convention

  1. Jessie Beth says:

    *giggles* between the big bears legs! ;) glad you had such a good time!

  2. lostmaverick says:

    You always get to have all the fun :-P

    LOL Glad you had a good time. You better check to make sure Apple Pig didn’t snag anything why you weren’t looking ;-)

  3. Jessie Beth says:

    and that’s a way cute shirt!