18 thoughts on “Happy HNT! =^.^=

  1. lostmaverick says:

    You are the coolest gamer chick ever!

  2. mew mew *points* I have those ears too!! :D

    • redvinylkitty says:

      When we eventually visit, we should take a picture of us in our ears together. The same ears I mean. ^^

  3. sexiest pic ever!!!!

    oh found something you might like


    • redvinylkitty says:

      Thanks sweetie! :) Ooh, I keep trying to post comments on your blog, but it won't let me. :( I keep trying to log in, but it always tells me I have the wrong password, and it won't let me post. :((

  4. You are so damned cute! This is one of my favourite HNT’s this week, so it’ll be in my Sunday roundup :)

    xx Dee

    • redvinylkitty says:

      *purrs* Thank you so much! That is really sweet of you. =^.^= That totally made my day!

  5. Oh dear..Jesus….

    I think I just came…

    Ahem…Sorry o.0

    xx. Hot as always.

  6. Maximum replay value FTW!

  7. Ha! Awesome pic, I love it!

  8. hottest geek ever!