The Rose G-Spotter AKA Zomgyes!

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I never actually knew what my g-spot was or where it was located, until I met Master.  I remember visiting one day to see that he had bought me a present!  It was my first g-spot toy, and it works really, really well when he uses it on me, but I had no luck using it myself.  So far, no g-spot toy has ever worked on me when I used them by myself.  Either the angle was a bit off, or I just couldn’t exert enough pressure on my own to really enjoy the sensations.  Until now.

Thanks to the amazing people over at Babeland, I recently got the opportunity to try out the Rose G-Spotter.   This little toy is my new favorite friend.  And, for those of you keeping track of what I name my toys, her name is Rosie. =^.^=

Rosie arrived in the most beautiful velvet drawstring bag I have seen yet.  The drawstring bag is so plush, that at first I thought it was a small pillow, and they threw it in there by accident.  Further inspection made it known that this is, in fact, the perfect place to keep your Rose G-Spotter when you’re not using it.  The bag is so plush, that I think if you put your toy in there and threw it in your suitcase, you’d have no trouble at all making sure your new glass toy stays safe.  Here’s a picture of it.

Anyway, my camera doesn’t show you exactly how plush this bag is, but trust me!  It is plush.

The actual toy itself is nothing short of amazing.  Both the nubbly end and the curved end are insertable.  Plus, the Rose G-Spotter is made of pyrex glass.  Not only does this smooth baby just glide on in (a little lube is great, but the smoothness of the toy made it slide in pretty easily just with my own wetness) but it hits your g-spot without too much trying at all.  Not only could I play with my g-spot easily, and have fun doing it, but this was the first toy I’ve ever accomplished that with.

Rose G Spotter, Courtesy of

Last night Master even brought Rosie into the tub, and we had a lot of fun with her.  Be careful not to drop her though!  She gets slippery under water, and you wouldn’t want to break your new toy.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about my new Rose G-Spotter is that you can run her under warm or cold water to change the temperature of the toy!  I tried this with warm water, but unless it is really hot outside I’m not usually a fan of cold things in my vag.  The warm toy felt really really good though.

All in all, I am smitten with my new toy!  The only downside, is that I played with it so much yesterday that my left arm is actually sore today.  *Laughs*  Guess I have to build up those muscles. =^.~=

I give the Rose G-Spotter 5 out of 5 paws!

Thank you so much Babeland (Aff), for giving me the chance to try this amazing toy in exchange for an honest and fair review!

13 thoughts on “The Rose G-Spotter AKA Zomgyes!

  1. Macula Pravus says:

    Great 1st review! It was a fun toy to play with. ;)

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Mew mew! Thank you, Master. I’m glad you liked it. I can’t wait to finish up the “testing” phase with this butt plug I have. ;) Another review soonly. Mew mew mew!

  2. I love pyrex toys, and this looks deliciously fun. Makes me a little jealous, to be fair.
    I, like you, have the same problem with stimulating my g-spot, unless I sit a certain way while I diddle (teehee). Have you ever tried, with other toys, sitting propped up a bit or, if laying down, putting a thick pillow under your rump? It helps some with angling. Though it doesn’t seem like you’re gonna have that problem anymore with that toy.

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve tried all sorts of positions, but I just haven’t had a lot of luck. I was so excited when I got this toy though, it hits the right spot no matter what you do – unless you use the straight nubbly end, of course. ;)