6 thoughts on “HNT

  1. I just last night got to try the Hitachi for the first time… For me, a girl who has a hard time reaching orgasm, this toy is a blessing to me (I wrote about it in today’s blog entry too).
    But that’s a really clever way of holding it, as the buzzing is awkward on the hands. Teehee.

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Thanks Kitten! Yeah, I love this toy I do seem to take a longer time to orgasm with it, because it is so strong. But once I do cum, it is longer and more intense. LOVE my hitachi! ^^

  2. lostmaverick says:

    Putting those gymnastic skills to good use I see ;-)

  3. Jessie Beth says:

    LOL Wow! Nice pic kitty! Mine is obviously late lol… not even done yet… >.> lol

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Thanks JB! I was wondering where yours was, but I figured you were pretty busy making moving plans. *Squeels excitedly about moving plans* Lol! ^^