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Guess what showed up at my door last week?  Lucky Kitty that I am, I got the entire set of Oasis Vibrators  from Babeland!  Designed for women who have experienced painful penetration, gone through radiation, chemotherapy, or menopause,  these little treasures showed up in three distinctly beautiful boxes.


Photo Courtesy of Babeland

I wish my camera showed you just how gorgeous the box really is, but it doesn’t do the box justice at all.  Each box has a little “window” which you can see your vibrator in, all snug and nestled up in its boxy-bed.  The box I’ve chosen to picture here, is the Midi vibe, but all of the boxes are the same design with a different color to match the toy inside.

These toys come in three sizes, Slim, Midi, and Maxi.  I’m going to take you through my experience with each toy, one by one.  The specs remain the same though, so let me give you a quick run down on care and cleaning.  First off, none of the toys have a smell at all!  This is great news for those of us with sensitive noses.  They also are all the same vibration strength, which I think is about a 3 out of 5.  They are all made from hard ABS plastic, and body safe as they are phthalates free.  They are simple to wash, just use soap and water or a mild toy cleaner, if you like.    These toys are safe to use with all types of lubricant, so go wild.  The Oasis Vibrators are also multi-speed.  Turn the dial to the left to turn it on, the further to the left you turn it, the stronger the vibrations.  One plus to these vibes is that the dial to turn on the speeds “clicks” as you turn it both on and off.  I really liked that.  If you turn any of these toys on and shut your door, I doubt anyone would hear it.  They are pretty quiet for toys which are so powerful.

First off, we have the Slim.  (The Slim is the periwinkle colored one all the way to the left in my picture.)  The Slim Oasis Vibe is slim indeed!  It is 8″ long, with only 6 of thoes inches being insertable.  It is also only .5″ wide.  This toy, as with ALL these Oasis vibrators is exceptionally smooth and very comfortable to insert.  Playing with the toy vaginally, I was very excited.  This toy is probably what I could consider to be my “perfect width”.  I did not feel the slightest bit stretched with the Slim.  It felt comfortable, and really easy to use.  What I found to be extra nice was the length of the toy.  It is really hard to find a 6″ long vibrator which is this thin.  Lovely.  One major drawback to this toy is the battery compartment.  The Slim takes 3 AAA batteries (Which are not included, but Babeland sells individual batteries, if you need!) which pop right in once you unscrew the bottom.  The problem with this, is that the slim is so skinny that I truly could not get the batteries back out of the toy once I got them in.  This was really disappointing for me, because after these batteries die, I will be unable to make the toy vibrate.  Vibration is something I really value in vaginal toys though, so that will totally ruin the experience for me.  Luckily, I’ve ahem “Tested” this toy about six times already though, with no sign of the battery weakening.  So, hopefully it will last me a while.

Photo Courtesy of Babeland

This toy has two uses, I’ve found.  It works wonders vaginally, but if you put a condom on the toy, it is also an excellent size for beginner anal play.  Just remember not to go back and fourth from anus to vagina without properly cleaning the toy. :)

Sadly, I’m going to have to give the Slim three paws, due to the major battery issue. :(

The Midi!

The Midi is a great little vibe.  (The Midi is the purple one pictured in the middle of the other two vibes).  It too is 8″ long, with six of those inches being insertable.  The difference here is that this toy is double the width of the Slim.  At 1″ insertable, this toy is great for working your way up to bigger toys or your partner, if you have one.  I found that the Midi did feel like a slight stretch for me, but it worked just as well as the Slim performance wise, with the exception of being able to get the batteries out of the compartment.  ^.~  The Midi takes two AA batteries, also not included.

I really enjoyed this toy, and am giving it 5 paws:

The Maxi:

The Maxi vibe is the largest of the Oasis Vibrators, (The one closest to the tight in my picture) and I found it to be wonderful for working up to taking Master’s cock.  Truthfully, we always warm me up with smaller vibrators first because I always have a hard time taking his girth.  (It has wound up with me getting some slight tears sometimes if we don’t warm me up right with toys first.)  This does not depend on how turned on I am.  He is just bigger than my vagina wants to take, so I have found that these Oasis Vibrators really have been a blessing.  The Maxi is also 8″ long, but it has an insertable length of 6.75″, and is 1.5″ wide.  This toy was the most useful for us in getting me ready to play with Masters cock.  It really did feel like a stretch for me,  but using this toy made taking a real penis much more comfortable, and for that I am thankful.  This vibe also takes 2 AA batteries, not included.

The Maxi is just as smooth and easy to use as the other vibrators, and so for that I’m giving this toy a grateful 5 paws.

All of these toys felt really great clitorally, as well!  All of the toys come with a packet of Silk lube, which I must admit I did not test as it wasn’t vegan. :(  Don’t worry.  I gave the packets to a friend of mine with a glycerin allergy (so it wasn’t wasted!), because this lube is totally glycerin free!

Thank you so much, Babeland, for the opportunity to try our the Oasis Vibrators in exchange for an honest and fair review.  <3

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