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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To who?  To Babeland of course, for letting me try out this rubber whip!  About a year and a half ago I decided to go vegan, and the search for hot vegan gear continues!  Dah dah dum!  Good news!  If you’re into the stingy kind of pain as opposed to thuddy, this is your whip.  Not only that but it is suitable for just about anyone out there since it is vegan and rubber.

Photo Courtesy of Babeland


First off, some specs.  The large black rubber whip is 22 inches long, with two wooden balls and a plastic sheath making your handle.  The plastic sheath is see through, so you can see the rubber strands through it.  A very nice affect.  As far as cleaning goes, I don’t recommend submerging the handle.  Water will easily be able to get into the plastic sheath and it will likely just sit there and grow mold as it would be impossible to dry.  For that reason, I recommend not sharing this whip.  You can use a mild soap and water or a toy cleaner to gentle cleanse the whip, and then allow it to air dry.  (You can hang it by the handle).

And now we get to the fun bits: what to do with this whip, and how well it is at doing it!  The black rubber strands that this whip are made out of are stretchy, and therefore they sting when they hit you.  Personally, I’m more of a fan of thuddy pain so I don’t imagine that Master will use this whip to beat me much unless he is punishing me (or just in a sadistic mood).  One bonus to this toy though is that, while the long strands are stingy they don’t leave much of a mark.  My bum was barely pinkened at all even after 30 minutes of Master wailing on it.  His hand would have given more much more of a “pink” hue.  One thing which was missed was that I really enjoy that “hot” feeling when the whip is done with its work.  Since this whip doesn’t make any marks at all, there was no “heat”.  If you’re one of those people who likes to play for a long time though, and does NOT like marks, then this is the perfect whip for you.

People with less kinky tastes or who do not like the stinginess of this whip can still enjoy this toy.  It is *excellent* for sensation play, since you can use it for teasing to great affect!  Simply drag it across the skin, dangle it here and there, the rubber feels divine and was a real turn on for me.

If you are very new to BDSM and don’t want to get something too heavy, this would be a great starting point, and it is very affordable at $34.  It also comes in a medium (pink) size, and a small (red) size.

All in all, I give the Large Black Whip 4 Paws!

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.  <3

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  1. lostmaverick says:

    “I see a bad moon rising..”

    LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist ;-P

  2. Ok, you officially have the cutest and punniest sex toy review headlines. Cheers!

  3. I really like whips and clear stuff so thanks for bringing this to my attention! Love the pic as well by the way!

    xx MM