Lavish Nipple Clamps

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These tits were made for shiny beaded adornments!  If you have ever wanted to test the waters and try out nipple clamps, one of the easiest types to take are the tweezer style.  These are not only tweezer style, but they also have the most beautiful black shiny rhinestone beads attached!

I tried to get a picture of these in their box, but none of them came out right sorry!  :(  The box these arrived in is a typical plastic clamshell case with a cardboard liner.  Both the box and liner are recyclable which is great.  GO GREEN!

One of the major benefits to this type of nipple clamp is that you can easily add cute adornments to it.  I’ve got another pair of clamps which have pink bells on them, so I was expecting these to be pretty similar.  I was quite surprised when I held them for the first time.  They are noticeably heavier than any other nipple clamps I own or have tried before.  This isn’t a bad thing.  While they are heavier than my clothes pin clamps used to be, and my current bell clamps, they still are not very heavy to have on your nipples in general.  When you hold them in your hands, you will definitely feel the weight of them though.

The lavish nipple clamps adjust by simply sliding your nipple into the section with the rubber nibs.  They open up to approximately .75″ and close down to less than a quarter of an inch, which is excellent because they fit a variety of nipple sizes.  Adjusting these yourself will allow you to make them SUPER tight or barely hanging on, so you can get used to the sensation.  If you are new to nipple clamps, this will be a blessing to you!  The clamps can also easily be modified for the masochistic among us.  Removing the rubber nibs by simply sliding them off the ends of your clamps will make the “bite” harder and sharper feeling.  You can always slide the rubber nibs right back on.  The rubber really does help for those beginners out there, it takes a lot of the bite of the clamps out and allows the wearer to wear them for long periods of time.

Master really loved seeing these dangle from my nipples.  One little thing I did to show him how much I enjoyed this or that was to shake my breasts, which caused to beads to shake too!  He really loved this.  Whether you wear them as jewelry or part of a scene, you are sure to love these too.

Since both Master and me LOVED these AND they are great for beginners and advanced users alike, I am going to give them a very enthusiastic 5 paws.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to try these clamps out in exchange for an honest and fair review. :)

15 thoughts on “Lavish Nipple Clamps

  1. AHHHHH, there we are, now. Your review of these clamps is like foreplay. LOL! They are certainly lovely, and the way you said they are adjustable is great because my nipples are very sore right now, but I still want to have some fun. However, none of my current toys are “light” enough while I recuperate. ;) Thank you for this review…as always, I’ve been waiting for it. *hugs*

  2. Brilliant review- they look so cute too! Since I can’t handle my nipples being bitten or anything (having them sucked however, is a whole different story ;) ), I’ll keep these in mind as a nice kinky birthday gift. Thanks!

    xx MM

    • redvinylkitty says:

      Thank you! :-) They aren’t for everyone, but yeah I LOVE having my nipples sucked too. Woo hoo. :-)

  3. I found you via another blog! I like your blog, keep up the good work!