What what, in my butt?

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Do you like anal play?  Do you want a toy which is easy to sterilize, and a decent size for a beginner?  Then let me save you the trouble of reading my review and just tell you to go to GoodVibes and GO GET IT!  Wait.  You’re still here?  Okay okay.  I’ll give you the low down on the Cassanova Anal Toy! :)

The Cassanova anal toy arrived in a pretty basic package.  Just a plastic baggie with a cardboard cap.  I took it out of the package, and..  Wait?  What’s that smell?  Vegan ham slices?  I’m not even joking.  At first I thought I was crazy, but I asked Master and he agreed.  “Hey!  That new toy smells like vegan ham slices!”  Don’t eat it though.  While it may be high in fiber, it probably is going to give you a huge belly ache.  Washing the toy a couple of times diminished the smell and it has no smell at all now, a couple weeks later.

As you can see, this is a relatively small butt plug, which is suitable for beginners.  It is 3.5″ of insertable silicone with the beads being 7/8″ in diameter.  The top bead is slightly smaller than the other three beads, but the three bottom beads are all about the same size.

Here is a close up of the material.  This is a very pretty silicone with an almost pearlescent glow!  It is a bit difficult to see in my picture because I had to use flash to make it show up at all, but the Cassanova toy has tiny little pieces of glitter which are subtle yet beautiful too!  It just looks so lovely in person, much better than my pictures can show.  The silicone material has a matte finish, so you’ll want to use a bit of lube with it.  In my opinion, when it comes to anal you can never use enough lube anyway.  :)  The material is firm, but it does have some give to it.  It is easy and comfortable to insert.

I’m an anal beginner myself, and the only other butt plug I had before this one was very soft and squishy, so this one was a wonderful next step up!  When it came time to orgasm, slowly removing the toy one bead at a time felt SO GOOD.  I only wished there were a couple more beads to this toy to make that anal bead sensation last a bit longer.  All in all though, I really enjoy this plug.  If you don’t like the sensation of “beads” in your ass, you’re probably not going to like this toy though.  If you are curious about anal beads, then this is a wonderful start.

Because the Cassanova Anal Toy is silicone, cleaning it is very easy!  You can put it in the dishwasher, use a 10% bleach solution, use mild soap and water, boil it, or use a toy cleaner.  A wonderful toy which is a great size most people can enjoy, and yet easy to clean!  Excellent!

I give the Cassanova Anal Toy 5 paws:

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