Deluxe Anal Douche

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My interest in anal play has been growing quite a bit lately.  I still cannot believe that it was a hard limit so long ago.  I honestly do not even remember what I was so afraid of now.  I positively love anal stimulation now!  I’ve tried beads, fingers, a tongue, a few probes and butt plugs here and there.  And a penis.  Twice.  Okay, I’m still working up to the actual penis, but in the meantime Babeland has plenty of fun toys to keep my butt happy.  One thing which I had not tried yet was an enema, or anal douche.
Photo Courtesy of Babeland


Enter:  Streem Master Mini Douche.  This little mini-douche was just the thing for a first time enema/douche receiver like me.  I liked how it had two different sized nozzles, so I didn’t have to worry about using one which might be too big.  In this picture, I have the smaller of the two nozzles attached to the douche, and the large one is laying in front.

The large nozzle is large.  Seriously.  Ok, an advanced anal player will probably not feel so threatened by it, but for me..  Well, I think it is going to stay in the drawer for a while yet.  The large nozzle has 4.5″ of insertable length, and 2.75″ circumference.  Since the nozzle is made out of hard plastic, it has no give to it though.  The small nozzle is about 3″ insertable length and has a diameter of 1.25″.  The bulb itself has an 11 ounce capacity, and has a matte finish.  The finish feels almost velvety, and is wonderful because this texture helps prevent the douche from slipping when you get lube on it.  Make sure that before you use your douche for the first time you wash it (and rinse it thoroughly!) with soap and water.  Make extra certain to rinse it well, you do NOT want to have any soap left inside your douche.

Okay, so you’ve chosen your nozzle, and filled the bulb with warm or cool (NOT hot or cold!) water, now what?  Simply screw the nozzle into the bulb, and generously lube the nozzle.  Don’t be too stingy with the lube.  Lube and anal go together like peas in a pod.  Gently insert the nozzle into your rectum, and squeeze the bulb so that the water comes out.  You shouldn’t feel any pain while doing this.  You will want to make sure you’re near a toilet for this.

Here’s a close up of the nozzle heads.  They are really well made, and have large holes in them to let out the water, which is awesome.  One thing that I simply cannot stress enough to you when using this or ANY anal douche is:  Do not add any soap to your douche.  The only thing you should be douching your bum with is *plain water*.  And one more time for good measure:  DO NOT ADD SOAP!  This can irritate your colon.  Avoid.

Why would you want to receive an enema, or anal douche?  Because it feels nice.  Some people use it as a clean-up method before anal sex.  Some people use it as punishment within the context of a BDSM scene (the longer you are forced to hold in the enema, you will start to feel a “burning” sensation.)  There are lots of reasons to enjoy enemas, enjoy and have fun!

All in all, I really enjoyed this Deluxe Anal Douche from the cool people over at Babeland.  5 paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review! :)

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  1. Hmm, I’d been wanting to try one of these. Now I think I Just might want to… :)