2 Year Wedding Anniversary!

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Today marks 2 years since Master and me got married.  So much has happened in that time that it is just remarkable.  We moved out of Massachusetts, live in Colorado now, and have been here for a whole year.  Neither of us can believe how lucky we are to be here, in this wonderful place.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have HIM.  Living here would be nothing without him.  The fact that I’ve found one special piece to my three-piece jigsaw puzzle is amazing to me.  He is my sun, bright and blissful.  When Master is happy, I am happy.  When Master is sad, I do everything I can to make him smile again.  I live for that smile.

Thank you for making me YOURS!  Thank you for living every day with me.  Thank you for making my life wonderful, and special, and peaceful, and joyous.

I love you, Master.  <3

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4 thoughts on “2 Year Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Thank Kitty! I love you so much it’s silly. These two years have been amazing. Thanks for join me in our adventures.


  2. So happy for you two. Hope I’m someday as happy as ya’ll are :-)