Kitty Bed

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My friend, LostMaverick, keeps asking for a picture of my kitty bed. <3  Well, Master took one.

This is my kitty bed.  Nope, that’s not a mattress I’m laying on.  Those are about fifteen to twenty-five blankets, plus tons of pillows and plushies.  This is where I spend my time being a good kitty when Master is home.  Oddly enough, I don’t normally sleep in my kitty bed unless I’m sick.  I sleep in Master’s bed with him!

7 thoughts on “Kitty Bed

  1. lostmaverick says:

    Aww, you look adorable. Thanks sweetie :-)

  2. hehe cute! I love those stockings to :) Im not aloud to sleep in his bed due to my um night attacks lol (I kick and punch during my sleep)

  3. You are sooooOOOoooOoooo adorable. Such a cute kitty!

  4. Mew ^^ It’s the pillow I made you!! :D

    And you ARE a cute kitty =^^=

    • @Jessie Beth Aww, thank you Baby Cakes. :) And that pillow you made me never leaves my kitty bed. It gets used so often that it is starting to fade! ^^