Bombshell Panties Just Weren’t The Right Fit

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Now, let me start off by saying that the Bombshell Panties didn’t work super well for ME, but it was more of a sizing issue, and I think these panties have a lot of potential.  My measurements are a 33 waist, and a 40 hip.  The large panties were listed as fitting between a 27-42 hip, and the small says they fit a 23-38 hip.  Judging by the fit of these, I probably would have gotten a size small instead of the large.    The fact that the Bombshell panties are meant to fit such a variety of sizes is a good thing.  Master loves the look of these on me from behind, but from the front – neither of us are in love.  I don’t “fill” these out, and they wind up looking really fluffy on the sides after wearing them for less than a minute.  If these were just a SMIDGEON smaller, they would probably be at the top of my list for sexy panties.  As it is though, I’m on the fence.

Bombshell Panties Box, Open

One thing I do adore about these panties is the box.  The box is just adorable, seriously.  It looks like a dresser drawer, and has a little ribbon in the front to pull the “drawer” open.  The box is really in gift-giving condition, and would make a great stocking stuffer if your honey is the right size. ^^

Bombshell Panties Front View
Bombshell Panties Rear View

Here’s a couple of views of the panties not on a person.  They are made from 95% poly silk and 5% lycra, and they feel luxurious and dreamy.  They are just so soft to the touch, and the material is thin enough that you could wear these under anything with no problem.  Your sweetie will have no idea the secret you’re keeping under your jeans until you show them. <3  The box recommends hand washing and line drying, but you could also wash these using a lingerie bag.  Be sure NOT to toss in the dryer though.  Line dry for SURE.  The back of the panties has a lot of rouching along the “crack”, which I was unsure about, but it really makes your bum look great!  The ribbon at the top of the back of the panties is a nice touch too, and adjustable.  Here are a couple of pictures of me in the panties.

Bombshell Panties when I first put them on. They slide down in less than a minute. A 40″ hip is too small for these, I think.

I apologise for the spots in the picture.  I had to take these in a mirror!  Lol. :)

It isn’t easy taking a picture of your own bum! But, I did it. ;)

And there you have it. ^^  I really do think these panties are sexy, but unfortunately, they were a bit too big for me.  They slip off way too easily.  If they were just a bit smaller (or I got a small) I probably would have liked these a lot better.  I’m giving these 4 paws.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for letting me try out these panties in exchange for an honest and fair review. <3

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  1. Awesome review, and SEXY sexy (sexy!) pictures too! Too bad they didn’t work out, they are hella cute :D