GoodVibes Wants To Egg Your Penis!

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Have you heard?  Tenga Egg is the word!

What is the Tenga Egg?  Okay, I know it looks funny – but it feels just AMAZING on your penis.  “Well,” you’re thinking “How would YOU know if you lack a cock?”  You’re right.  I have no cock.  Way to make me feel sad.  You know what I DO have though?  A Master who DOES have a cock, and the Tenga Egg is the only toy he has tried that has made him cum in record time.  Well, aside from me, of course. ^^

A lot of people don’t understand what you do with the Tenga Egg – it has many uses.   The Tenga Egg is not just for men, oh my no try using it for:

* Masturbation sleeve for men.

* Great as a Hitachi Magic Wand cover, to make things a bit less “intense”.

*  Stocking Stuffer 

You KNOW you want one.  The Tenga Egg is intended to be a single use item, but if you use it gently (if you’re a man) we’ve been able to get 2-3 uses out of one.  The one I had on my Hitachi was there for a good long while before it started to wear out.  So, how on earth do you get one of these delightful things?  There’s a few ways to enter.


*Leave a comment on this post telling me about what your favorite Halloween memory is.  It does not have to be sexy.  Just your favorite Halloween Memory.  (1 entry)


If you like, tweet about the contest once per day.  Include @The_Sub_Mission and a link to this contest.  The rest of the wording is up to you!  Please only tweet once per day.  (1 entry per tweet).

Write a blog post letting people know where they can go to enter this contest.  You may do this only once.  (10 entries)

And that’s that!  The contest will end NOVEMBER 4TH at midnight, and a winner will be announced on the 5TH.  Unfortunately, you must be within the continental USA to win. :( 

If you’re just not going to be able to wait, or you want a Tenga Egg NOW (and who could blame you, these things are awesome!) head on over to GoodVibes:

There are six styles, and at only $8.50 each, you really gotta try one. <3  The winner of the contest will receive one at random. 

Now get enterin’. :)

34 thoughts on “GoodVibes Wants To Egg Your Penis!

  1. My favorite Holloween memory was when I dressed up as Master’s sex robot. I had a shiny sequined mini dress and silver go go boots!

  2. I honestly have a lot of great Halloween memories. But if I had to choose one, it’d be this upcoming one :) Why? Because of all the awesomeness not only on Halloween, but around it.

    For example, tomorrow Synthetik and I are going to a Band competition tomorrow to watch the Marching bands compete and all (I’m *still* a band geek even though it’s been over a year since I was in High School, lol)

    *On* Halloween, I am going up to my new job at Belk to train some more and everyone there is so nice and all (not to mention I bought the book: “World of Warcraft: The Shattering (Prelude to Cataclysm” so I can read it during my break times and just in general, because WoW is awesome, lol :D .

    *Then* (lol) a couple weeks away is the event that Synthetik will be DJing at and I’ll get to wear my Darque Maid costume to it :D Since Asylum is only every other month, it skipped over October, but the closest date to the 31st (usually in November) is sort of the “Belated Halloween” for us who go (though, since it’s goth night, it almost always looks like Halloween, lol)

    And that is the Text Wall describing why this year is my favorite when it comes to Halloween, lol :) Of course, if I win, the little eggy-wegg will be going to Synthetik :)

    Thank you for hosting the contest :D Good Luck all!

  3. My favorite Halloween memory is probably the last time I got to go trick or treating. I was with a guy friend of mine, we walked up the steps to a house, with what we thought was a faux-body on the steps, which we stepped over… well on the way back down the steps, the “body” grabbed my ankle! We ran away screaming, and then out of the hedge that lined the drive-way, a guy came out with a chainsaw that he revved at us, and we took off like a shot. Scary! I know it sounds like a movie or something, but it happened, I promise. :D

  4. My favorite memory was the year a guy had a huge bowl of pennies and let each of us take as big of a handful as we could. I seem to remember using both hands!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  5. My favorite Halloween was probably the one I went to the a party for when I was about 16. I had SO much fun that night, dancing, flirting, and just chillin with friends. No other Halloween party…not even after turning 21…have been as good as that night was!

  6. This isn’t a particularly interesting story, but my favorite Halloween memory is from 1991–I remember it being my 1st grade year. My catholic school had a Halloween fair and one of the booths was to Guess How Many Things are in A Jar and I won the pennies contest. I think the answer was something like $1.40. It wasn’t the pennies that made this memorable, and I have no idea what I was dressed as that year, but I remember my dad being SO PROUD and clapping so loudly for me when I went up the the stage to accept my pennies. I remember him saying I was clever when we drove home, the jar in my lap. I guess just that moment in the car is what is burned in my memory and my happiest tied to Halloween. *Daddy’s Girl Forever*

  7. My Halloween costumes never turn out the way I plan them, but one year I went as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. I schlepped all over the city trying to find the right kinds of tank tops, and then something that could resemble hexagonal dog tags. I finally rolled brown paper into a cigar and carried around an empty handle of whiskey. Awesome! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to flirt shamelessly at parties, though I did win a game of cards.

  8. Taller_passions says:

    My favorite Halloween memory was in my second year of college. My floor went out to a street that had the roads shut down annually just for Halloween. Every house went all-out and we got pillow cases full of candy. We all were very distinctly varied as well, from a wizard to an In ‘n Out employee to Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab the cartoon to a pirate to a fisherman. I enjoyed when different people discussed whether I looked more like Dumbledore or Gandalf.

  9. My favorite Halloween memory is actually from this year; lying out on a grassy field listening to a scary story, after spending a while talking to my Master on the phone. I saw some rather weird things in the sky, too, which makes it stand out more.

  10. MisterWizard01 says:

    My favorite Halloween memory was when I threw my first kinky party last year. I hired a girl to bartend topless and the night ended with her naked in my bed as part of an orgy! :) It was good times. Hoping to throw a Christmas one as I didn’t for Halloween this year.

  11. My favorite Halloween memory was when on the way back from a party, while we were still in costume, my friend (who was dressed as Wilma Flintsone, with a bone in her hair and a leopard print dress) was pulled over by a cop for not having her headlights on. We (my girlfriend and I were in the backseat dressed as Pikachu and Ash from Pokemon) had just dropped off another friend in town and had turned off the lights while we were eating in the car outside of that friend’s house and hadn’t noticed that we were driving with the lights off because of the streetlights. But, just prior to getting pulled over, my friend decked out as Wilma did notice cars flashing their lights at us, and commented, “There must be police up ahead because people keep flashing their lights at me.”

  12. Newly_inclined says:

    My favorite memory happened a year ago. A close friend of mine and I were walking through the city’s Halloween celebration area and admiring (and gawking) at all the Halloween costumes running around. I was dressed up as a ninja. He was Jim Lehrer from the PBS News hour. (we really are such nerds) We had just finished making one round through the area and kept on walking towards the docks in the harbor area where we found a charming looking bench to sit down and rest our tired feet. We sat comfortably and cuddled for what seemed like hours, in the chilly drizzle underneath my ninja umbrella. It was then he leaned forward and said that he had feelings for me–and I happily reciprocated!

    Hey, having Halloween as your Anniversary makes for a great conversation starter at this time of year!

  13. My best halloween was when I was in high school. I stole a fifth of Jack Daniels from my dad, hooked up with 2 girls from my school, and drove around feeling them up all night! As the night wore on, my friends took turns with me and I ended up with a double handy from them. Didn’t need any candy, had all the sweetness i could handle.

  14. My fave Halloween memory was when I was a little girl i use to live behind a grave yard and after trick or treating I would sit by the windows eating my candy watching the graveyard all night. Just the feeling of it being lat at night, not being sure what I was waiting for but feeling scared non the less. That feeling captures why I love halloween, for the feeling that a ghost or goblin might be creeping around the corner, waiting for the fog to roll in.