Kitty In Red

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Showing off the blindfold and cuffs that come with the babydoll.

Aside from some fabulous Sex Toys, also has plenty of sexy lingerie to offer too.  I’m a complete sucker for anything in red (Since Master likes to call me his Red Vinyl Kitty!), so I had to try out this adorable Sexy Red Babydoll Set.  Not only do I adore babydoll cuts (they just look so cute!) but this set also has a couple of “extras” that come with it.  You get a matching thong, a blindfold, and a set of wrist “restraints”.  Very cool!

The Thong.

For starters, the thong was the biggest disappointment to me.  It has some very pretty lace on it, to match the babydoll.  The problem is, this item comes in two sizes:  One Size, and Plus Size.  Because they want to accommodate as many sizes as they can with the thong they have basically just put some really long ties on a small thong.  Sure, we could tie the ribbons to fit me (And at least twenty inches larger than me!), but the thong itself is very little fabric and it just looked silly on me.  Not only that, but the ribbons are slippery, so I don’t see them being able to stay up very long anyway.  If you are a size 5 or less, you’ll probably really like the thong.  For me, though, it was a bust.  The good news is that the color scheme of this piece is easy to match, so I just grabbed a random plain black thong from my dresser and put it to use.

Full Body Shot with the cuffs, blindfold, and babydoll on. *

My measurements are 36″ Bust, 33″ Waist, and 40″ hip.  This babydoll fit me perfectly.  It is made from 100% polyester, and is very stretchy.  If you are a 40″ bust, you could probably fit this babydoll fine.  The rest of the garment is pretty much freesize, and I could have been several inches larger in either the waist or hip and fit this fine.  You need to be a minimum of 26″ in the bust for this to fit you properly, but any size cup from A to D will fit fine.  One note of caution:  while my breasts do fit fine in this, there is absolutely no breast support at all.  If you only wear lingerie with boning or support, you may not like this.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I am 5’2″ tall, and this babydoll comes down to about the top of my hips.  I find that this is a good length for me, but taller women may find this top to be a bit too short.

The blindfold is very cute, and I was actually really surprised at how well it worked!  It will fit up to 18″ unstretched, and stretched up to 26″.  It is made of a very soft satin-like material, and completely blocks out light.  Usually when we get a free blindfold as part of a set of something else, it is too cheaply made to be functional.  Not this one.  We will probably bring it out fairly often.

The wrist “restraints” were another story.  I would like to say first off, that they are much stronger than I thought they wouldbe.  I really think that “restraint” is too strong of a word to use for these though.  They are made from the same soft material as the babydoll, and each have a ribbon on them which is 15″ long.  The cuffs themselves are three inches wide, meaning they will need a 6 inch wrist minimum.  My wrists are a bit too small for these (5.75″) but they worked alright.  I knew up front that they would not really be restricting to me at all, and that they were more for looks than anything.  Could I have weaseled myself out of these if I wanted?  Of course.  For the sake of being good, I didn’t though.  I honestly doubt we’ll ever take these out again.  Maybe if they match my outfit for some sort of photo shoot, but they really just aren’t all that functional.  If you are an absolute bondage beginner, you may enjoy the ability to play with these a bit.  For anyone beside the utter novice, these will just be decoration.

The babydoll gets major props for being so soft and easy to wear, but keep in mind that it is definitely see-through, unlike the picture shows.  Master really loved the look of me in this, and it was easy to wash too!  The tag says to hand wash, but I found that a lingerie bag in the washer, and hang drying this worked very well too.  4 lacey paws!

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me the chance to try this babydoll in exchange for an honest and fair review.

*Please note:  the bruises you see in my picture are from consensual BDSM, and no kitty girls were actually harmed to make this review. :)

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  1. Red really suits you ;)
    And damn not being able to see the see-through-ness in the photo!