Condom Gift Set

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Gift set, with all the packaging still on.

Master and me are fluid bonded, and don’t normally use condoms, but since we have started having a few play partners we decided to try out this cute little set.  I apologise up front about the quality of my pictures.  Unfortunately, the finish on the condom boxes do not really allow my camera to get very good shots.

Without the top packaging.

 This set arrives in a very thin little box.  The box is just as thick as each condom box, so we’re talking about a thickness less than a regular pencil.  There is a clear piece of plastic which fits over the whole box, so that you can see through it to the condoms.  The condoms are each individually wrapped, and each have a small cardboard box which fits over the wrapper.  Is this the most environmentally friendly thing ever?  No, but at least you can recycle the cardboard boxes if you desire. 

The cute thing about this set is that each of the condoms has a sex position on it.  Some of them are complicated, some of them are simple.  All of them have cute names.  The condom box reminds you to do these positions at your own risk.  Silly condom box.  There’s also a little place to check off how much you liked the position.  Cute.

A close up of a couple of the condoms.

These condoms are made of latex, and unfortunately, they do not tell you what kind of lubricant is on them, or the ingredients in the lubricant.  Even more unfortunate is the fact that after using one of these condoms with one of my partners, she had a reaction.  We are unsure if she is developing a latex allergy, or if it was the lubricant on the condom, or if it was the Sliquid Organics lubricant we put on the condom mixing with the condom lubricant.  I know that isn’t very helpful, but if you have sensitive bits it may be a good idea to stay away from these. 

Overall, these are very cute condoms and Master and me really liked them.  4 Stars.  It loses one star for hurting one of my friends – but Master and me can still use these if need be.

Thanks so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me to try out this Condom Gift Set in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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