Progress and Failure

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Let’s start with the failure first, at least then the progress will seem more..  Progressive?  A while back I ticked off “Stop Biting My Nails” on my dayzero project list.  At the time, I think I’d gone over a month without nibbling my nails.  I know it is a bad habit.  I know I am too old to be doing this, but I still do.  Unconsciously.  I’ve been biting my nails ever since we went back home in December to visit family – and I keep telling myself that I’ll be able to quit again.  I’m sure I will be able to, but in the meantime, it doesn’t feel right to tick it off as “done”.  I must find another way to deal with stress.  Master has been helping me, because the vast majority of the time that I am biting my nails, I do not even realize my fingers are in my mouth and I am biting away.  Having someone else does help me in this regard.  At least I can call attention to it, and stop myself.  It’s harder when I’m alone though.

And now for some progress! :)  I’ve also been working on getting Master’s blanket crocheted. :)  I took a little hiatus from working on it for a bit because of wrist issues, but I’ve been really gung ho about it lately.  I’m going to finish it by Oct 1, 2012 – MARK MY WORDS!  Here is where my determination comes in to play.  I’ll finish this goal list on time, and my blanket isn’t going to stop me. :)  Here’s some pictures.

Here's a long shot of the blanket; it is longer than the couch! Don't forget: I did NOT choose anything to do with this blanket. Master chose the length, the amount of rows for each color, and he chooses each color too!

Another progress shot, a bit closer up, so you can see the colors better. :)

And of course, kitties prefer their blankets to be in a big messy pile, for maximum snuggling power. :)

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6 thoughts on “Progress and Failure

  1. Don’t worry about the nailbiting. At 22, I am still trying to break that darn bad habit myself! Argh!

    The blanket looks great so far. :D

  2. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    I used to chew my nails. Weird enough it took one week at summer camp. I was so busy I didn’t have time to chew them!! Loe and behold I got home and haven’t chewed them since :P

    When I was a baby I was a big thumb sucker, and my parents found these stuff you could put on babies thumbs, it tastes FOUL and helps them not suck their thumbs. Maybe you could get this stuff and put it on your nails? Then when you put them in your mouth you’ll know it immediately and take them out LOL And of course it’s safe. Wish I knew what it was called…

    And woot for progress on the blanket!!!

    • Thanks @Jessica Elizabeth I’ve tried Bittrex and Stop The Bite (They’re both products to make your nails taste yucky), but it was more like torture than anything. The stuff wouldn’t stay on my nails. It would get all over my hands as well as anything else I was eating or cooking. Since my food tasted terrible, I didn’t want to eat it, and it was really no fun. >.< I think the worst part was probably that it wouldn't wash off my hands for a full week, even after using nail polish remover. Ick. Was a good thought though.

  3. awww yay look at the blankie!! :) I love the colorfulness :)
    I don’t have any creative skills…
    sorry I haven’t been around. i’m so behind !! (then again thats me ha ha)
    <3 <3