A Kitty Girl Toy In Disguise!

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Here's a view of the entire feather tickler.

Mew!  When I saw this Starburst Tickler at Babeland, how long do you think I managed to resist it, especially since my Master and me do a lot of kittygirl pet play?  Right.  Two seconds, Max.

Master teasing me with the feathers!

It arrived in simple enough packaging:  just a plastic bag to keep it safe, and all of the feathers together.  It did have a tag too, which had a plus sized model on it.  I only mention this because I think it is always wonderful when a company shows women of all sizes on their packages.  Rock on.

Taking the tickler out of the plastic bag, one feather dropped off of it immediately.  Bummer.  Still, I knew this wouldn’t affect the functionality of the Startburst Tickler, but it did make it look a bit off balance.  (Good thing my body can’t tell the difference).  The handle itself is 20″ long, and made from a hard, flexible plastic.

What should you do with this tickler?  Well, it is wonderful for teasing your partner with.  If you are into rough play, try mixing hard spanks or cracks with paddles or canes with the softness of the feathers.  Your partner will not know which to expect if they’re wearing a blindfold, and the result is just too fun.  If you like things softer, the tickler itself is really soft and feels nice on the skin.  The feathers are bound at such an angle as to really feel ticklish when it is draped across the skin.

Playful kitty!

I’ve had other ticklers, but they generally have more feathers to them.  I think that when there are too many feathers, the tickler goes from being ticklish, to just feeling soft and gentle.  When you want to tickle and tease, this is just the right tool.  It feels really nice along the inner thighs or lower back.  Try it on all your partner’s sensitive spots!

The proper way to present my toy for playtime.

When I want to play with Master, I know what to do.  He likes it when I present toys to his feet and then kneel deeply.  Everyone has their own way, so experiment with what works for you.  If Master decides that he wants to use the toy with me, the fun begins.

The real fun begins!

This is a remarkable tickler, and I’m giving it 5 paws: 

Want your own tickler?  Get it at Babeland!

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