Thigh Harness

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Front Of Box

Here is something completely different.  A thigh harness.  I’d never tried a thigh harness before, but they seemed like a lot of fun.  This one, by Sportsheets, is simple and easy to use as well as vegan!  It comes in a simple box as you can see in my picture above.  The box is made of cardboard, and is easy to recycle.  You could also keep the box around if you wanted to store your harness.  However, I find that the harness fits smaller and easier into a drawer without the box.  As you can also see from the picture, the box isn’t exactly discreet.

Back Of SportSheets Thigh Harness Box

How do you apply the harness?  The harness is actually made of neoprene with velcro closures.  It’s simple.  Put the dildo (not included!) through the center of the harness, put the strap on your partner’s thigh, and tighten the straps until the harness is secure.  It will look something like this:

Sportsheets Thigh Harness On

(Harness shown here with the Silk Dildo  in large).  The box says that the maximum size toy you can fit in the harness is 1″ in width.  The dildo you see above is actually 1.5″ in width, and it fits perfectly.  This is the absolute maximum you’ll be able to fit, however, I didn’t have any problems sliding the toy in.  While it will fit no bigger, I definitely didn’t have to wrestle to get the toy in place.  You’re probably wondering why you can’t put a dildo bigger than 1.5″ into this neoprene harness.  Afterall, neoprene is stretchy, isn’t it?  Yes!  It is!  However, in order to ensure that the toy doesn’t slide around and become difficult to work with, the smart people over at Sportsheets put a hard plastic disc around the opening of the harness.  This will give the toy a much more stable base and help keep it in place for the fucking ahead.

A View Of The Harness Itself

As many of you know, Master hurt his back a little over a week ago.  He has been mostly couch bound, and our sexcapades have had to be put on hold.  I’ve had this harness waiting to review for a little bit, and an idea came to both of us!  While he has had to lay flat, I’ve been unable to mount him because putting that much weight and pressure on his back is a no-go right now.  Still, he was able to put one leg over the side of the couch (like you see above) and with the thigh harness on, I could ride his thigh and we could still be intimate.  Of course, being on top also leaves plenty for him to be able to reach as well.  We also found that if I leaned forward, he could lift his leg and fuck me while we were kissing.  Win!

When Master is feeling better, we’ll even be able to move the harness down to his shins (he has very large, muscular shins) and I will be able to ride his leg while I suck his cock at the same time.  Awesome.  FF couples will love the versatility of the thigh harnes, as will MM couples.  There is no couple “combination” that I can think of that couldn’t have some fun and benefit from having one of these in their toy chest.  You can even use this solo!  You can strap the harness to a pillow, and ride yourself into oblivion.

Cleaning the harness is a breeze!  You can just toss this in both the washer and dryer.  I didn’t notice any shrinking or anything when I did this.  The harness came out nice and clean.  The harness will fit up to a 21″ thigh, and down as small as a 14″ thigh.  We used water based lube with the dildo we used, and it did not stain the harness.  The velcro is sturdy, and we had no problems with it unsticking itself or anything while we played.

The next time Master’s back is out, I know we’re going to reach for this, and hopefully we’ll use it when he isn’t hurt as well.  There are so many uses the possibilities are endless.  5 Paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing us to try out this harness in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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