Marvin The Martian

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Master and me are playful, sometimes to a fault.  When I saw this awesome Male Vibrator from GoodVibes, I couldn’t help but ask Master if he was interested in trying it.  OK, yes, it looks silly, but this is sex we’re talking about.  Why does sex always have to be so serious?

You really need to check out this box. Epic, no?

Master and me love playing together in the bathtub.  The Man Eater Vibrator is supposed to be waterproof, so one of the first things we did was to test this under water.  Unfortunately, this toy is definitely not waterproof.  When we submerged it, we heard water inside it!  We had to unscrew the battery compartment (You’ll need a quarter for this), and then turned it upside down over a towel.  Lots of water came out, but also some water got stuck deep inside the monster.  It was sad.  We kept him with the battery compartment facing the towel, and let it dry overnight.  While the toy does work now, the middle of the three speeds does not work.  My suggestion?  Don’t submerge this.  I wouldn’t even risk bringing it in the shower.  I wouldn’t call this splash OR water proof.

The three speeds are low, medium, and high.  The Man Eater (who we named Marvin) is 2.5″ wide, and 4.5″ tall.  He’s adorable.  In order to turn him on, just push his tummy.  You can then cycle through the speeds.  In order to turn him off, you have to cycle through all the speeds, but that’s really not a huge deal with this toy because there are so few.  He runs of two AA batteries, which are not included.  The toy is made from PVC and ABS plastic.  Since it’s impossible to get PVC 100% clean, and also because most of the toy is made from PVC, I don’t recommend sharing this with anyone you aren’t fluid bonded with.  You could probably use a condom, but this toy is just a bit strangely shaped for that to work too well.

Mouth detail close up

So, what are you supposed to do with it, now that you know the specs?  See the above picture?  There’s a little “scoop” in the mouth of the toy.  You’re mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put your (or your partner’s) cock in this scoop.  Easy as that.  Master was shocked to find out that this toy felt much better than he thought it would.  I mean, it’s a monster, for goodness sakes.  Still, a droplet of lube in Marvin’s mouth makes him glide easily and tantalizingly up and down your or your partner’s shaft.  Master found that Marvin felt really greal along the shaft, but he enjoyed him most around his balls.  Put the toy at the very base of your penis, and he will vibrate the shaft as well as your balls.  Awesome.  Lots of guys like having extra stimulation on the head, but Master’s is too sensitive, so Marvin didn’t really hang out there too often.  Other guys will want to experiment with that, though.

In order to clean Marvin, you’ll need plenty of soap and water or toy cleaner.  He is made largely of PVC, so as mentioned, don’t share him with other partners.  Also, be careful of the battery compartment when washing.  You don’t want water to get in there and ruin your cute new toy.
Master and me really had quite a bit of fun with Marvin, and we think that you will too.  Unfortunately, because he isn’t waterproof, we’re knocking a paw off of his score.   4 paws for Marvin.

Thanks so much, GoodVibes, for allowing us to try out this interesting toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

14 thoughts on “Marvin The Martian

  1. Jessica Elizabeth says:

    LOL That so rocks!!!

  2. Hi there…. I want to thank you for reviewing our Man Eater toy.
    I just wanted to comment on a couple of things if you don’t mind?

    1) If your having any problem with your toy. Send him back and we will get you a new one. We want all our fans happy. Oh, and he really is waterproof when closed completely. It can be easier to close the battery door if you put a little silicone lube on the threads. Yes, we are doing that on future production runs.

    2) Actually you can clean PVS very well, Our materials are no porous and Pthalate free. Unlike a lot of the jelly toys out there.

    Tony, from Big Teaze Toys.