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Master’s father was legally blind, and growing up, Master would listen to audio books as he was drifting off to sleep.  I’d never heard of an audio book until I met Master, and he started to play audio books to me as I would sleep at night.  We found that it helped me sleep better, and unlike keeping the television on, you have background noise without any light from the T.V. keeping you awake.

Shortly before I discovered audio books, I began to read erotica.  There aren’t a whole lot of stories which really get me going, so I tend to stick with the few that I know.  It wasn’t always convenient though.  For starters, I had to hold a book open with one hand, which meant I only had one other hand left for other “things”.  If you’re like me, you need both hands for masturbating though.  In fact, if you’re like me, you wouldn’t mind an extra two or three.

While FacelessVoice will not offer you an extra set of hands (sorry!), they will offer you a totally new way to experience erotica.  They have two sections when you first show up at their site: For Guys, and For Girls.  Clicking on the left side will bring you to the men’s section.  You’ll still have access to all the audio books no matter which side you choose, but the featured books on the left are more catered to men on the guys side, and women on the girls side.

Inexpensive to try (Only $3.99 for one, $5.99 for two, or $7.99 for three stories) you can’t go wrong.  There are so many different stories, and all stories are available with either a male or female narrator.  The male voice is expertly read by Duane Dale.  His voice is incredibly dreamy, smooth, and ear-gasm-tastic.  (Yes, I made that word up.  You’ll understand when you download some of his work!).  The female voice is done by the very sexy sounding Lucy Blue.  Whichever voice you’d prefer, you will not be disappointed.

The site is split up into three categories:  good girl, bad girl, and naughty girl, with each category becoming more explicit than the last.  There is something for everyone here, from roleplays, to chance encounters, to extreme fantasy, to voyeurism, to BDSM.  Available for download to your computer, MP3 player, or smartphone, you can take these stories with you anywhere you want to go.

While these stories are not specifically aimed at the disabled, I immediately thought back to Master’s blind father and thought that others with disabilities might find audio erotica especially wonderful, in particularly the blind.  I really love FacelessVoice.com, and I love all the possibilities it has not only for solo sex, but also for couples, those with vision imparment, or anyone who just needs a couple more free hands.

Their fun and imaginative stories have captured my cunt, and I hope that you will all check out this amazing site.  I am rating them 5 (hands free!) paws:

Thank you so much, FacelessVoice, for allowing me the opportunity to listen to your awesome audio erotica in exchange for an honest and fair review of your site.

15 thoughts on “Faceless Voice

  1. This is great. I’ll have to check it out.
    While I was able to get the Beauty Trilogy from the National Library Service by and large neither the NLS nor RFB&D does porn or erotica.
    (I have no clue why in the world the gov’t decided those books were okay to read but then again they have the porn series from Piers Antony too iirc. So maybe it has to do with being from an author whose works they read in general.)

    Usually when I’m going off on a rant about braille porn I’ll plug Nobilis Erotica http://nobiliserotica.com/site/ and Erotica a la Carte http://www.eroticaalacarte.com/ This is just a small sampling of the erotica that is available via podcast.

    It really is nice to have a live reader for porn/erotica rather than a synthesized voice and I’m so glad that you’ve given me another option.

    1. @Lada I hope that you get to try it, and you like it. Duane Dale’s voice is just so dreamy. I love it!

      I agree with you on the synthesized voice. I’ve listened to a lot of audio books since being with Master, and if the voice is either poorly acted or synthesized, I can’t even handle it. >.< I won't even listen.

  2. thank you both lada and red vinyl kitty. i am addicted to audio books for their ability to totally envelope you in the story, plus make the drive to work enjoyable. these may make me turn back around and go back to bed, teehee!

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