Too Much Of A Tease For Me

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Tantus, Tantus, Tantus.  You know I love you.  Why do you do this to me?  The last Tantus dildo I tried out didn’t work out so well for me, and I was hoping that would change when GoodVibes sent me the really cute looking Lime Teaser to try out.  Sad to say, the Lime Teaser was a bit too much of a tease for me.

There’s lots to like about the Lime Teaser at a glance.  First of all, the bullet itself is waterproof.  Bring it in the shower or bath tub and have fun!  The toy runs on one N battery which comes with it.  Another plus!  The toy is very hygenic in that it comes with a silicone sleeve which is removable (and you can boil all you want), and the bullet itself is made from ABS plastic.  There are no porous materials on this toy, so share it with your friends!  Just be sure to sterilize it properly first, or use a condom.  (Or both).

Lime Teaser

The Lime Teaser is a petite little thing at 4.25″ in length, and about an inch in width.  The bullet itself is pretty weak though, and the silicone also tends to absorb some of the vibrations.  I see this toy as being a 1 out of 5 for vibrations, and that is really too weak for me to be able to get off.  This toy is a huge tease.  Does it get me wet?  Yes.  Will I be able to get anywhere with it?  Sadly not.  If you have a stronger bullet, you could easily switch it out though.

Getting the bullet into and out of the vibe itself was a nightmare for me at first, but then a friend suggested a drop of water based lubricant before you put the sleeve on.  This works like a charm!  Just a little drop of lube and the sleeve goes on and off with ease.  Nice.

Because the sleeve is silicone, it is important to make certain to use water based lubes only.  Silicone based lubricants will degrade the surface of the toy, sadly.  Cleaning this toy is easy as I mentioned above.  Since nothing is porous you can just scrub under running water with mild soap, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.  You can put the sleeve of the toy into the dishwasher (top rack, no soap!) to sterilize it, but do not put the bullet in.  It has mechanical parts that would be damaged!

Overall, how much you get out of this toy depends on what you’re looking for.  For me, this was just a big major frustration.  The silicone is plush and feels wonderful, but at the end of the day, if I can’t have an orgasm to me it isn’t worth it.  If you’re just looking for a little tease, or if you prefer barely-there vibrations, you may love this toy.  But for me, I’m giving it 3 paws.  I’m only giving it that many because the silicone and bullet are well made and will last forever, plus the toy is waterproof.  If it wasn’t for the quality materials, I’d give this two paws without a second blink.

Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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  1. Get a We Vibe Tango! It fits in these and it’s vibrations are awwwwesome. I use mine in my spoon and I just requested the Teaser to try with it too.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found it to be too weak. I got the High Intensity Bullet from EdenFantasys; it looks like that would fit it also. I’ll give that a try! Thanks for the suggestion Lucid Obsession!

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