Little Miss Muffet Costume

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Little Miss Muffet

The Little Miss Muffet costume is just so adorable!  Master can’t resist me in it, and it makes me feel extra “little”.  I’ve worn it in other reviews, and other posts as well.  I’ve worn it sitting around the house.  This is one outfit that will (and does!) get a lot of use.  Please note that in the pictures, the outfit is worn with a crinoline underskirt which I purchased separately, and does NOT come with the outfit.  If you want one, you’ll have to get one separately.  I got mine on eBay a while back.  The leg warmers I got .

View From The Back

Let me give you some stats, mine first.  I’m 5′ 2.25″, I weigh about 145 pounds, I wear a 34/36 (depending on brand) D bra, have a 33″ waist, and a 40″ hip.  Now for the dress:

I purchased a size small, and unstretched and lying flat, the dress measures 23″ from the top of the bust to the bottom of the hem.  From the back, it measures 21″, so yes, before you even put this on it is deliberately shorter in the back.  It’s a difference big enough that you can see it on a hanger.

Bust: 28″

Waist: 26″

Hip:  Free

The apron is 8″ long, 12″ wide, and the little spider applique is about 5″ long.  It has little jewels for eyes.  They are very cute and haven’t fallen off or anything like that yet, despite all the wearing or washing.  The spider is also a bit on the fuzzy side (like very short pile velvet) and has a pink bow.

The fabric of the dress is 100% polyester, and a bit stiff to the touch while also being very, very stretchy.  As you can see, there is a very big difference between my measurements and the minimum measurements (listed above).  When I say this thing stretches, I mean it!  However, my measurements max out the garment, and I do not think that anyone larger than me would fit into this.

Pink Gingham Little Miss Muffet costume

Side View

The dress zips up in the back and I have no problems zipping it up myself.  The bust is slightly see-through, so while the rest of the outfit is opaque enough to wear in public, you’d need to find a white bra or possibly wear some pasties underneath this.  At home, we love this because the bust is flexible enough that I can take my breasts out and they can hang over the top of the bust with no problems.  This, coupled with the very short skirt gives Master complete access for anything he wants, making this outfit a favorite for us during sex.

The whimsical nature of the dress means that it’s useful for many different roleplays: little miss muffet, ageplay, and if you were to cover up the spider somehow, I could see this as a sexy bar wench too.  The waist of the dress is very girly and fitted, and I love how the full circle skirt!  It is just so fun! 

Here’s my minimum and max measurements for a size S:

Bust:  Minimum:  28″, Max 40″

Waist:  Minimum:  26″, Max 33″

Hip:  Free

Washing this garment is easy.  I just put it in a lingerie bag inside-out and hang to dry.  One word of caution, you’ll want to make sure the ribbon under the bust is tied before you put it in the wash, otherwise it’ll come out partially or fully and it’s a bit of a pain to have to re-thread it through the grommits.  Outside of that, the outfit is easy to clean and care for, sturdy, and will last a long time if treated properly.  5 paws:

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Pink Gingham Little Miss Muffet costume

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