Rope ‘Er Up!

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Master and me love using rope, but we don’t get to use it as much as we’d like.  For one thing, using rope typically requires a lot of time, at least for us.  We don’t take the rope out unless we’re going to spend at least two or more hours with it.  While it’s true that you can use rope without it being such an ordeal, we’re both of the opinion that if you want to bind someone quickly, you can just use one of the many leather, steel, or nylon restraints available on the market today.   In fact, we do that plenty! Not everyone thinks that way, but that’s just how we play.  Sometimes, playing with rope takes so long that we’ll even put on a movie or TV show while Master is tying me up.  We turn it off when we’re done with the rope portion, of course.

We had a lot of fun the other night, and actually remembered to take pictures.  Lately, we’ve been forgoing the pictures because we’re getting so caught up in the moment that we forget to take any!  Not a bad thing, really.  Here’s some pictures from our play.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be warned, this post is going to be quite picture heavy!

First Tie Of The Night, Rigging By My Amazing Master Pravus

I’m not entirely sure what it is about rope, but it seems like it never stays on very long once it’s tied.  After the first tie, Master decided to take the ropes off to put a different tie on me.  He started laughing, and then took a picture of my chest.  I had no idea what was up.  When he showed me the picture, the ropes left marks that looked almost like a transformer!  Pretty cool, no?

Transformer Titties!

I’m not a Transformers fan, but even I had to admit that was kind of a cool little accident.

Second Tie, Rigging Done By My Amazing Master Pravus

The second tie was very fun to wear, and I liked how Master finished it off with a cute bow in the front.  He doesn’t usually do that, and it surprised me.  I liked the girliness of it, and it made me feel like a pretty wrapped up present!

Third Tie, Rigging Done By My Amazing Master Pravus

The third tie, while it doesn’t look too constricting, was my least favorite (and was much more constricting than it appears!).  I had a very, very difficult time breathing in it.  It wasn’t like usual where I have a lot of pressure on my ribs or stomach, making it hard to take a full breath.  This tie actually made it difficult for me to take any breaths, and I had to actively work at it.  I was gasping like a fish out of water.  Master kept working away, trying to make sure his vision came out the way in me as it had in his head.

Side View Of Third Tie, Rigging By My Amazing Master Pravus

It also made it quite difficult for me to move my arms in any way.  Having my breasts tied so tightly together made it much more difficult to move than either of us though it would.

Close Up Of Third Tie Rigging By My Amazing Master Pravus

“Can you lay down now, kitty?”  Master asked me.

“Not without help.”  I replied, through gasps.

He lowered me onto my back himself, and shortly after he sat me up to remove the tie.  It was clearly not a very wearable tie, and Master had a marathon session in mind, and not a sprint.  One other thing to note about this tie – it made me feel very humiliated.  Normally, rope makes me feel beautiful.  Not so in this case.  I felt ugly having my tits together like that, and I am loathe to put the pictures online even.  Somehow, I felt like the one boobed chick from Kung Pow.

After I had such a hard time breathing with that tie, and Master took the ropes off of me, he decided to leave most of me un-roped for the duration of the play session.

Tied To The Massage Table, With Alistair

Master secured one of my wrists to the leather restraint on the table, and told me to hold Alistair up with the other.  He blindfolded and gagged me, and applied a lot of rope to my legs to keep them firmly in place on the table.

Secured To The Table, Tits Pumped, And Alistair Humming Along

After he finished securing my feet, he moved Alistair just-so and secured my other wrist to the table.  He put one of my hands on the vibration controls for Alistair and let me decide how much vibration I wanted.  He also pumped my tits up quite a bit.  At first the suction was scary, but we’ve used the pump several times now, and I much enjoy the sharp pain I have come to associate with it.  My tits have little red blood dots on them today from a combination of the pump and the various rope ties.

I don’t remember all of what happened, but I do remember the vampire gloves being involved.  I adore them.  I don’t think I could ever get enough of their sharp prickliness.  Om nom.  I also remember that when I finally came, it was not with Alistair, but with Celia.  Ooh, Celia.  I remember cumming so hard that I was a puddle of goop and I seriously walked around in a fog until bed.

Some people drink chamomile tea to relax before bed.  Me?  I like to take a healthy dose of pain and orgasms, and call Master in the morning.


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  1. Good post. I last the bit with “…call Master in the morning.” the best compliment. <3

  2. Fyremane Foxx says:

    ohh my, such pretty ropework.
    I know ive said it before, but you two have such a fascinating relationship.