Bump ‘N Grind

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Love Bump, In Its Package

MyPleasure, one of my favorite sex toy stores, recently sent me this cool little thing to try.  The Love Bump was unlike any toy I’ve seen, so I was very excited to give it a whirl.  Above, you can see a picture of the Love Bump in the original packaging it came in.  I really like the packaging style, because it is compact enough to protect it from other toys, yet sturdy enough for long term use.  After all, you DO know you can’t store silicone side by side, right?

The Love Bump is unique in that it is designed to stimulate the g-spot as well as the prostate.  So, whether or not you want to use this for a genetically male or female partner, it should have something for everybody.

Close Up Of The Clitoral Or Perinial Nubs

The Love Bump is made of silicone, as I mentioned above – so you will only want to use water based lubes with it.  Silicone lubes will degrade the material of the toy, and oil based lubes aren’t meant to be used internally.  Since the Love Bump is not porous, you can share it between partners, just be sure to sterilize it properly between users or orifices (or use a condom!).  You can boil it, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, use a toy cleaner, or plain soap and water will all work great.

A View Of The Love Bump Out Of Package, In My Hand

A gorgeous shade of blue, the toy is a bit darker than it appears in my images (flash, sorry!), but it is quite pretty.  It has a shiny finish which makes it easy to slide in vaginally.  You may only need a drop of lubricant, or your own moisture.  Remember though: don’t ever insert anything anally without lube!

Since I’m not a male, I can’t speak to the prostate side of this toy, but I will tell you that I really enjoyed this toy vaginally.  Once I inserted it, I played with rubbing the handle of the toy (which has nubs for this) across my clitoris.  I didn’t really like the feeling of the hard silicone rubbing my clitoris though.  What I wound up doing was moving the entire handle out of the way of my clitoris in order to put another toy there.  I slid my thumb through the loop in the handle and because the toy has some flexibility in the stem, I had little trouble keeping it there.

Showing The Flexibility Of The Love Bump

While the handle of the toy was a bit of a “miss” for me, I really loved the feel of the interestingly shaped insertable part.  At 1.25″ in diameter with 4″ insertable, the toy felt wonderful inside without being too big to also use an anal toy.  Sometimes with vaginal toys, especially larger vaginal toys, I find that they take up so much room that anal toys at the same time can be downright uncomfortable to painful.  Not so with the Love Bump.  DP was no problem.

The Love Bump also has one more function which I think is really cool, but which I didn’t use myself.  You can slide a 1-1.25″ bullet vibrator in the handle which will make the whole toy vibrate!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a bullet vibe big enough, but if you do that may be something you’ll really like.

The Handle Is Great For Easy In, Easy Out

This toy is a mite bit too big for me to try to take on anally, however, I’m really just an anal fledgling, so don’t let that deter you!  The huge handle on the end ensures that this toy won’t get sucked up into the anal canal, so it is a wonderful choice for an anal toy.

The Love Bump is versatile, comfortable, easy to use, and easy to clean.  I love mine, and I am happily giving it five paws.Thank you so much to the people at MyPleasure, who allowed me the opportunity to try out the Love Bump in exchange for an honest and fair review.