Penis Suckers

Do you remember those cute little Ring Pops of yesterday?  I think they may still even sell them in some places.  I remember them being so cool when I was a little girl.  A giant lolipop in the shape of a gem!  How can you lose?  Well, Ring Pops are great for little girls, but you know what’s great for us grown-up girls who like to sometimes act like little girls?  Why, the Penis Solitare Sucker, of course.

Daddy, Thank You For The Lolipop!

The Penis Solitare Sucker is a “little’s” dream come true.  Now we have something to ask our Daddies for that is a little sexier than a regular lolipop.  You don’t have to be a little to enjoy these sweet treats though.

The suckers come in grape, cherry, and strawberry, but let Babeland choose for you.  The flavors are tasty, but a bit watery after the first couple of licks, I noticed.  Nothing too bad, but the flavor definitely seems stronger for the first couple of licks, I noticed.  I got the cherry and the strawberry, and they were both quite tasty!  I’ll admit that this isn’t the type of lolipop I can finish up in one sitting though.  They are huge, and a little bit awkward to put in your mouth due to the shape.  Because of this, I generally wind up licking them more than sucking on them, and the result is that the lolipop seems to last forever.  I’m not finished with either of mine yet because by the time that I feel like I have had enough lolipop, I just put the lolipop down to dry and place it back in its wrapper until later.  This has worked out just fine for me.

The ring itself isn’t adjustable, but seems to vary by pop.  The cherry one I got, for example, was big enough to slide on to my pointer finger, while the strawberry one fit comfortable on my second to last or pinky finger.

The biggest problem I can see with these is that they do not have any ingredients listed either on Babeland website, or on the packaging these come in.  Mine arrived in just a clear plastic bag with a twist tie, so if you have food allergies you probably will want to stay away from these just to be on the safe side.

As I mentioned before, these aren’t just for those among us who identify as Littles.  At just two bucks a pop they would be great little bachelorette party favors.  I also think they are wonderful humiliation devices for those out there who enjoy Small Penis Humiliation.  A dom could easily work these into a small penis humiliation scene by pointing out how much bigger their lolly is than their partner, and how the sucker is much more adequate.  Use your imagination!  They are also wonderful for those of us who have an oral fixation.

Om Nom Nom! :)

These little treats are very fun to eat and play with, and would make great “rewards” for your Little or bottom/sub/slave.  They are inexpensive, tasty, and well worth a look.  Please check them out at Babeland.  I’m going to give them 5 juicy paws:Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try these out in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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