Mt. Evans Day 2!

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You have to buy a three day pass up to Mt. Evans, so Master and me were excited to go back Saturday – with the intention of making it all the way to the top this time.  We woke up, and just as we were getting ready to head out the door, we realized that Master was on call this weekend, and he had to do some work before we left.  I can’t blame him for forgetting.  We were both a little bit scatter brained and out of it.  While Master worked I perfected the cooler and got us ready.  I don’t think we left the house until after 11AM though.

First Stop: Nature Reservation

We went to McDonald’s to get some drinks again before heading off on the long drive up the mountain.  This time, I was determined not to be cold, and wore my jumper dress, knee high pink socks, AND grey leopard print leggings.  As it would figure, the mountain was decently warm that day, about 70 degrees, so I was overdressed.  Can’t win, can I?  Oh well, Master was happy because he thought I looked cute, so that’s all that really mattered.

The Views Were No Less Beautiful That Day

Did I mention that I wore my tail that day?  Right, well, I did.  I don’t wear my tail often, because I have to have a place to attach it, and I do not wear a belt often.  Also, while I love butt plugs and love wearing those under my clothes, I’ve always found tail butt plugs to be a bit – gross.  (Difficult to clean the fur attached to the plug gives me ick-factor).  So, those are out.  My jumper dress had belt loops I could hang it off of though.

On A Rock

Master took this picture of me on a rock.  I really liked the view I had where I was looking.  Somehow, it made me think of Eternal Sonata.  I’m sure all you non-gamers are giving me the massive eye-roll right now.  It’s cool.  I don’t mind.  Such is the life of the gamer chick. Cue smallest violin in the world.

Apple Pig At Altitude

Of course we got a picture of Apple Pig.  You have any idea how curmudgeony he gets when we don’t take too many pics of him?  You don’t want to know.  We took some more pictures at our next stop, which happened to be that same little lake with all of the pea sized hail as last time.  This time though, no hail – so – win!

I Just Wish My Camera Showed You What We Saw, No Justice From The Cam! :)


Mew! Mastew! I Cwimed Da Wrock!!


Master Took This Picture Of Me. He Said It Looked Like I Was About To Fly.


Another Amazing Shot With Master In It. Nothing Makes You Feel Small Like Nature. Not Even Kink. :)

We decided to take a little hike because Master wanted to climb up to where the snow was, off to the side of this picture.  It would not have taxed us particularly, but the extra elevation was making things a bit difficult.  We were winded quite a bit, and I kept seeing stars.  I didn’t give up though, I just slowed my pace, as did Master.  It took us a lot longer than normal, but we made it!

Master In The Snow!

Next stop, Mountain TOP!  The first time we went up on the mountain, we didn’t see any sheep or goats, I think that they were hiding since it was rainy.  This time, we saw a TON of goats and sheeps.




I digress.  We began our climb, and found it to be a bit more difficult than we thought it would be, again, due to the altitude.  This was MUCH higher than our little lake hike, so we walked at a snail pace and took our time.  Most people were walking at about the same speed though.  Even seasoned hikers were going nice and slowly.  When we got to the top, Master was so excited!  We took a bunch more pics of course.

Silly Master

Just to say, one thing I adore about Master is that he can be so silly.  When we got to the peak, he took his wedding ring off and crouched in this little rock hollow and pretended to be Gollum.  Cute.  He’s also quite the butterfingers (self admitted) so I was terrified that he’d accidentally drop his wedding ring.  Nope!  Happy to say, he kept a firm grasp.  I would have been crushed.

Master, On Top Of The World. (Or, This Mountain)
A Fellow Hiker Took A Picture Of Master And Me
Leaning Over The Edge. (I’m Actually Further From The Edge Than The Pic Looks!)

One kid, maybe nine years old yelled “LOOK!  It’s HELLO KITTY!”  When I got to the top.  It made me giggle like mad.  We stayed up top for maybe twenty minutes just enjoying the amazing view, and then we headed down.  It was much easier going down than up.  We drove home, and just relaxed on the porch.  Coming home made me feel so numb and sad.  Being with Master helped a lot though.  It’s just hard when the thing you’re searching so hard for is something you’ll never have.

Still, we had an amazing day together and we’re inspired to go and see more Colorado beauty.  We just need to make the time.






7 thoughts on “Mt. Evans Day 2!

  1. That photo of your Master being Gollum made me laugh so hard I snorted.

  2. I had a wonderful day climbing with you. I look forward to our next adventure!

  3. For the tail have you tried tool dip for the very tip, or another plastic dip? Please note though this just an idea, nothing I have actually tried. BF is currently trying it on a pair of alligator clamps, as the teeth scare me, but they are still drying.

  4. Girl you have an awesome clear camera. I wish I still did! :) I loved the pics and seeing applepig!! :)
    I am such a mountains girl. omg. jealous