Why A Kittygirl Shouldn’t Be Left Alone With String

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Just kidding!  I didn’t do this to myself, but I did promise to share a couple more pictures from the catsuit night, so here they are.

Bound, Rigging By Master Pravus

It’s funny how some nights turn into sex in the strangest ways.  The night these pictures were taken, for example, I was just trying on the new catsuit I got.  More often than not, trying on an outfit will make Master jump me.  Not that I mind.  That is a bit of the point of lingerie, isn’t it?

Helpless, Rigging By Master Pravus

One thing I adore about Master is that he doesn’t take anything too seriously.  Like that night, I thought it was adorable how he tied my tail up too.  Master has such a sense of “play” in him!  Although, I suppose if I had managed to escape (not that I tried) with the use of my tail, I’d be the one laughing.

Love, Close Up

It’s funny how few pictures we took over the course of vacation.  There was lots of sex, but most of it was me giving Master blowjobs, or else doing things in which the camera wasn’t nearby.  Still, I wanted to share a couple of these.


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  1. Murrrrrr Murrrr Murrrrr, lovely photos