Manbound Ankle Mate

View Of The Ankle Mate As A Whole

As someone who hates carrying a purse, and rarely needs to carry anything more than an ID and a couple of bucks anyway, I was really drawn to the Manbound Ankle Mate.  Intended to be used in situations where you will be nude and yet still need a place to keep your ID, I thought that I could use it for more day to day use as well.

Basically, what you have here is a strip of neoprene with a square pouch sewn in.  It also has a lot of heavy duty velcro sewn in all along the bottom.  This serves not only to close the pouch that holds your ID and money, but also to hold the entire thing shut around your ankle.

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Manbound Ankle Mate

In order to really test out the ankle mate itself, I decided to take it on a couple of all-day trips with Master to do some things we needed to do.  We brought it to the renaissance fair one day, and we even brought it on trips out hiking and to grocery stores.  No actual orgies though.  Bummer, I know.  I found that the restraintsworked really well for a lot of things, but has some disadvantages too.

For one thing, if you are a female and you’re wearing this plus something which is thin and delicate (for example, nylons, or other thin hosiery) you will likely snag it on the velcro unless you don’t cross your legs at the ankle a whole lot.  Even if you’re wearing something thicker, like a sock, you’re very likely to snag it.  That was honestly the most obnoxious part of the ankle mate for me.  As it isn’t really designed for people wearing clothes, I try not to hold it against them, but there is an entire two or three inches of velcro which is completely unnecessary because even if you’re ankle is at the largest it could be to fit into the Manbound Ankle Mate comfortably, the velcro is still on the outside in a place where it does nothing for the pouch, and which only snags on things.  I wish that they’d fix that.

As for functionality, this does carry your id and some money with ease.  I would keep away from carrying change in it, but paper money will do just fine.  As far as fitting an ID it in, it does fit, but it will take a little bit of finagling.  If you’re going somewhere (like a bar) where you’re going to need to take your ID out a lot, then I really recommend not using this.  While it’ll carry your ID without issue, it still will be a bit of a pain to get it in and out.  The pouch fits my ID perfectly, with no real wiggle room.

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Close Up Of Pouch

Cleaning the Manbound Ankle Mate is going to require a bit of care.  Because of the velcro, I don’t feel comfortable throwing this in with my wash, even with it velcroed to itself, because of the extra velcro that goes along the outside of the pouch.  I don’t even recommend putting this in a lingerie bag alone, because I think it will snag your bag.  However, I have had great luck washing it by hand in the sink.  Just use a bit of detergent and warm water, and then rinse very well to dry.

Overall, a cute piece and one that is handy but also has its drawbacks.  I’m giving it 4 paws:Thank you so much, to the restraintsstore, for allowing me to try out one of their restraints in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. You used the three paw pic! :P

  2. Fwiw my thumb splints are made of neoprene and if the Velcro is sewn in place they machine wash well. Just line dry or no heat dry them.