Playtime With Master Pravus

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The Beginning Of The Rope Harness. Rigging By Master Pravus

In some of these pictures, it looks like I’m suspended off the ground, because of the rope going up behind me.  I wanted to just say that my feet were firmly planted on the ground, and the rope was merely tethering me to the rig above me.  We wouldn’t use a G-Clip in the way you’ll be seeing it if I was suspended.  Just wanted to mention.

A View From The Back Of The Harness

We hadn’t gotten around to using the Hello Kitty duct tape yet, so I really had fun with it, even if it was just over my mouth.  It felt really good when Master tore it off near the end of our play.

Three Cheers For Bum.. Hip, Hip?

All in all, a great night.

5 thoughts on “Playtime With Master Pravus

  1. Are those your sleeping cuffs? I’ve always wondered what they look like. Awesome website. Truly a fan !!!

    1. @Evil Monkey 69 Thank you so much! 🙂 Those were intended to be my sleeping cuffs, but Master mainly uses my old cuffs on me for bedtime, and these ones get used for play or tug of war more often than not.

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