It’s My Bag, Baby!

Master and me are very green people.  We do a lot to make sure that the planet will be here tomorrow.  We recycle, grow plants, try to eat mainly plant based diet, use cloth menstrual pads, stopped using paper towels,  and even – yes – use reusable shopping bags.  Hey, don’t discredit the virtue of using a reusable shopping bag.

Why would you want to use a reusable shopping bag?  Well, each of those plastic bags you use in the grocery store can take up to 1000 years just to break down.  The Earth is poluted enough, and this is one small thing that you can do to help out.  It doesn’t cost you a lot of extra money, and it rarely takes you extra time to do it.  All you have to do is remember to bring your bag up to the counter, and voila!  You’ve prevented at least one plastic bag from going to the landfill.

Time To Get Some Groceries!

Oh right.  Remembering.  That’s the hard part, isn’t it?  There have been at least a couple of instances in which Master and me got up to the counter and one of us had to either make a mad dash out to the car to get our bags, or buy one or two new ones.  I’ll just tell you that we’ve got at least thirty in the back of our car.  Great, huh?

That’s why the Babeland Eco Tote Bag is so awesome!  First off, when it arrives it’ll be cinched down in a stuff sac with a small plastic cinch and a metal carabiner.  See?

Cinched Down

The stuff sack is actually attached to the Eco-Tote itself, making it impossible to lose it.  Open the sack, and the bag will come out easily.  Then, you can just clip the caribeaner to your backpack, purse, whatever – and you’ll always have an extra grocery bag.  We’ve used ours plenty now, and we’re happy to say that it hasn’t busted no matter what we’ve put in there.  Babeland says the bag is good to twenty-five pounds.  While we haven’t weighed the bag, the polyester material is very sturdy and we’re sure this bag is going to last a good long while.

Across the front, is the word “Babe”, and underneath that is the Babeland logo.  I’ve never had anyone ask me what Babeland is, or where I got the bag; most baggers just grab it and jam it full of our stuff without a second glance.  This is a good thing if you’re a bit more modest and discreet than I usually am.

The handles on the bag are wide and comfortable around your shoulder, or even in your hand.  This is really a great little bag, and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to be green and finds themselves in need of a durable, reusable bag, which can clip to just about anything they like.  It is also big enough to hold your stuff at 18″ by 14.5″.

To clean the bag, just wash this in the machine, and hang it up to dry.  Easy as that!

I’m giving it five paws:

Thank you so much, to Babeland, who allowed me the chance to review the Eco-Tote in exchange for an honest and fair review.

11 thoughts on “It’s My Bag, Baby!

  1. Thank you, Kitty! I love my reusable bags. A Babeland bag would be fun to carry and to sneak toys around in. ;)