Sunken Treasure

A while back, Babeland gave me the Pirate Rocket Vibe  to try.  I absolutely loved it!  If you’re curious as to why, you can read about that here.  Since then, the Pirate Rocket Vibe has barely left my “go-to” pile, except for when I’m using it.  Master loves it too, and we were both very excited to try out the Hidden Treasure Vibe.

The toy arrives in a cute plastic box, which displays the treasure chest and tells a bit about the toy.  The box boasts “Powerful vibrations”, “Waterproof”, and has a picture of a sexy pirate on the front.  Discreet?  No, not at all.  Cute?  I’ll give it that for sure.  The box opens like a classic Happy Meal box, and your vibrator and its storage case are nestled inside.

Hidden Treasure, In Its Box

It is a bit hard to tell from my picture above, but the treasure chest itself has a very pretty silver skull and crossbones pattern.  it also has pyramid studs, and a fake closure design in the front.  Adorable.  If you were to get rid of the outer packaging itself, you’ll find this particular box to be pretty discreet… Provided no one opens it up!  Most people will not think “sex toy” though, if this were just sitting out in the open, luckily.

It took me some time to get my box open, mainly because I was doing it wrong.  The treasure chest design made me think this was on a hinge, but it is actually not.  The chest comes apart into two clean pieces.  Inside the lid of the chest is a little divit for the vibrator, so that it will stay in place.  In the base of the chest, is another divit and some satin fabric to line the bottom with.  If you wanted, you could take the bottom tray out of the chest easily to store something besides your vibrator in.

Close Up Of The Vibe’s Designs

It is difficult to show the patterns on the vibrator itself, but my above picture does a pretty good job of just that.  The vibe I received was pink and silver, and the colors are pretty muted.  There are also pearl or black and gold varieties for you to choose from, should you not be a pink person.

The hidden treasure vibe is more of an external toy, though you could use it shallowly vaginally if you wanted.  It is not intended for anal use, since it has no flared base.  The total length of the toy is 5″, with the toy being 1 1/8″ around at its widest point.  The bottom of the toy has a push-button which turns it on and off.  There are three patterns to cycle through, and they are all a steady speed – no pulsation modes.

Push-Button Turn On

Using the vibe was disappointing truthfully.  While it is utterly gorgeous to behold, and while the packaging is lovely, the vibrations were weak.  The three patterns never get above a 2.5 out of 5 in vibrations, and while I could get where I wanted to go, it would take a long time to get there.  One thing I did really enjoy about this toy is that the weaker vibrations allow me to ride multiple orgasm waves, once I finally get to my O.  Still, for the amount of time it takes me to get there, I don’t consider this toy to be worth it for me.

If you’re someone who likes weaker vibrations, this very well might be the perfect new toy for you.  It is also reliable waterproof, so you are welcome to bring it into the shower or bath.  The noise level on the toy is minimal, and would not be heard in the next room.  If you have roommates, this is another thing to like about the toy.

Since the Hidden Treasure vibe is made from ABS plastic, you can easily use a 10% bleach solution, soap and water, or a toy cleaner to wash it.  It is non-porous and so as long as you wash it well between partners you can share.  If you like, you can always use a condom to add an extra layer of safety.  Any type of lube will work just fine with this toy.

Unfortunately, while I give the Hidden Treasure an A+ for packaging and design, its weak vibrations didn’t really wow me, and I’m going to give this toy 3 paws.For just a couple of dollars more, I highly recommend this toy’s sister, the Pirate Rocket Vibe if you’re looking for something piratey that will get the job done easier.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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