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Animal Crossing

Silly, but, while I was playing Animal Crossing (and, I’ve been playing on and off for three years) I came across a “Kitty cap”.  This makes me happy.

My hand is keeping me up a lot of night, with the nerve tingling, but I’m getting through.  I’m glad I have physical therapy tonight.  I am looking forward to fixing it up and getting back to two handed blogs. :)

My spirits are pretty good, as are Master’s.  Things could be worse here for sure, but I am still eager for them to be better.

4 thoughts on “Picture Blog 3

  1. Lada MacManus says:

    I wish that Animal Crossing, or something equivalent, existed for the xbox. I don’t really want a wii but AC looks like so much fun.
    Viva Pinata is supposed to be the closest for xbox but it seems to have less multiplayer stuff. :(
    Glad you have something fun you can do at least.

    • Thanks @Lada Yeah, Viva Pinata is lots of fun, but it’s not really a one-handed game. I can do Animal Crossing with one hand though, so it has helped me with boredom. :)

  2. I miss Animal Crossing. And I need a wii to play with you too. Maybe I should save up for that not my camera!!!