Serenade Sunday

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Nap Time

This week’s a two-fer!  Serenade and Sabrina, and gasp, they are getting along!  Admittedly, Master took this shot.  I didn’t even witness this in person, it wasn’t until he showed me the picture that I realized that they were napping together.  Maybe they do this a lot when we’re not looking?  Who knows?  They do look cute there, napping and not trying to kill each other though.  Don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

  1. very cute picture. Glad they are getting along :)

  2. MomoNoHanna says:

    Hehe very cute! Our kitties get along better when we are not home lol. They sleep on my bed when I am not here. Master often comes home and finds them touching each other while they are sleeping ^_^ I think it is an teritorial thing.

    • @MomoNoHanna Aww, that is cute. Serenade and Sabrina are almost never alone, since I work from home and am here all day. I wonder if they’d be better behaved if I was gone. :)