Serenade Sunday

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Fuzzy Little Kitty Paws

I love Serenade’s fuzzy little kitty paws.  When we first got her, we thought that the fuzz between her toes meant that she was going to get big enough to grow into them!  But, the bigger she gets, the longer her toe fur seems to get. :)  It must just be another Maine Coon trait.

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4 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

  1. MomoNoHanna says:

    We think Stella is part Maine Coon as well because she has the same fuzzy fur around her paws! Maine Coons are such adorable cats! But my black domestic kitty Daisy is also adorable :)

    • @MomoNoHanna I love all sorts of cats. :) Maine Coons are pretty, but we’ve also had tortoise shells, siamese, and Sabrina is an american short hair. :) I bet Daisy is super cute.

  2. BigDanLovin says:

    Maine Coons are indeed the prettiest, fuzziest cats. Unfortunately, at middle age they begin to hate being around other animals and eventually humans. They are quite moody.

    • @BigDanLovin That’s so weird! I’ve always heard the opposite about Maine Coons. Oh well, here is hoping Serenade doesn’t turn all curmudgeony and grouchy!