Bwarm Btogether

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There is something so lovely about massage time.  I’m a fan of both giving massages and receiving them, and I especially love anything that can make massage time more appealing to the senses.  Luckily, MyPleasure has a lot of great options for me.  This time, I decided to try a Bwarm massage candle.

Fresh From The Box

The candle arrives in a small black box, and is sandwiched in a plastic holder so that it doesn’t get damaged upon arrival.  There are two scents: Figwood and Amber.  The one I received was the Figwood.  I noticed the scent right away!  You can smell it through the box!  Unlike a lot of massage candles I’ve tried in the past, this one has a strong scent even when it is not burning, and I can smell it three or four feet away on the couch if I leave this on the coffee table.  I really liked that, but if you have migraines which are triggered by strong scents, you may want to look for another massage candle.

The First Time We Lit It

The ingredients are simple, and mostly natural:

Coconut oil/wax, Soy oil/wax, Shea butter, Palm wax, Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and Fragrance.

The first time we lit the candle, I had mistakenly not lit it ahead of time.  Most massage candles do need some time to burn and create a pool of oil for massage.  It doesn’t normally take that long though, because most massage candles also have a low burn temperature (making them fun for people who want to enjoy wax play, but don’t like higher burning candles).  I was surprised that it took about twenty minutes to burn the wax into a pool big enough to begin.  That’s not too long, but you’ll want to know ahead of time so you can light the candle while you prepare everything else.

What should you do to prepare?  Towels.  Lots of towels.  The Bwarm candle is set up in a spherical shape so that you can pour it onto your partner (or hand, whichever is easier or more comfortable for you).  While I like this feature a lot (makes it easy to pour), it can also make a bit of a mess.  The excess oil once you stop pouring is prone to pouring down the back side of the candle, which means wherever you place your candle you could wind up with drips.  We liked to keep a towel nearby, and we made a small square of aluminum foil to put the candle on while it was burning.  This helps to contain any drips.

As an alternative to towels, you could also use a Fascinator Throe.  We found that if you put the satin side up, and any drips fall on your Throe, you can pretty easily wash them out in your washing machine.  A word of caution: if you don’t pre-treat the spots that the oil fell on first (drizzle a bit of detergent on them prior before putting them in the washing machine) the stains might not come out.  We now have a hand print in one corner of our Throe, because I didn’t notice it while I was pretreating the other drips.  You’ll also want to make sure that you wash it right away.

Master does not like pain, but he absolutely loves having this hot wax dripped on him (especially his back and feet!), since it burns at such a low temperature.  The oil never really feels hot, but it does warm up nicely.  Because the wax burns at such a low temperature, it does also solidify shortly after applying.  I’d say you have about ten minutes to do your massage before it starts to turn into more of a “lotion”.

Shortly After Applying Becomes The Consistency Of Lotion

Even though the oil becomes a bit lotion-y, it still has quite a bit of glide to it, and it still acts like an oil.  It just looks like a lotion.  I didn’t find the oil to feel greasy, however, it does feel a little thick against the skin, so you may want to take a shower when you’re done with your massage.  I did find that my skin felt a lot more hydrated and soft after I used this.  Sometimes I burn the candle, give myself a foot massage, and then put socks on for an hour or two.  It really helps soften your feet if they are dry or chapped.


Shortly After Blowing The Wick Out

One really cool thing about the candle is that after you’ve used it up a couple of times, you can just dip your finger in and get a bit of the candle out without melting it at all.  While you couldn’t do a big massage like this, you could do a “spot treatment” if you’ve got a dry patch of skin somewhere.

Overall, I do really love this candle.  It has a wonderful scent, feels great on the skin, and is a wonderful way to spoil my partner.  I’m giving it four paws:Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me to try out this candle in exchange for an honest and fair review.

2 thoughts on “Bwarm Btogether

  1. I’m unsure how this product

    1) Took forever to melt
    2) Spilled everywhere due to poor container design
    3) Leave grease stains on cloth
    4) Had a “lotion” texture

    and still managed to get 4 paws. It looks neat, but, I’m hesitant to buy it due to all those factors.

    • @Nikki

      To try to answer some of your questions:

      1) I didn’t say it took forever to melt. I said it took twenty minutes. I don’t personally see that as “too long”, but if you do, then this is definitely not the right candle for you.

      2) I also didn’t say it spilled everywhere. Rather, I said that when I was done pouring, there was always a “drip” that ran down the back of the candle, so I put down a bit of foil. It wasn’t like we were ever sitting in a pool of oil. I honestly felt that the amount of drips were comparable to a typical bottle of massage oil, which can also be a bit messy.

      3) I was able to get all of the oil stains out of the blanket, with the exception of the one hand print I didn’t notice, and therefore didn’t pre-treat. Most blankets don’t handle oil too well, anyway.

      4) The lotion like texture is hard to explain. The oil still felt slippery (had plenty of glide), but unfortunately it sort of solidifies on the skin. The fact that it is semi-solid while you’re moving it around after ten or so minutes is what I was trying to describe. It was really hard to take a picture of though, so it wasn’t easy to explain.

      I gave it four paws, because I felt like it was a really pleasant experience for me and Master, and only had minor flaws. Although, what I see as minor another person may see as major. I hope that those answers were helpful to you, and I wish you luck on your search for the right massage candle. :)