The Mousies Got Me!

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The Mousies! They Got Me!

That’s what I get for having too many mousies, I guess.  Wait.  Too many?  Or just enough?

Anyway, messing around with rope the other day, and this is what Master came up with.  I liked it a lot, though it was really hard to maintain.  The ropes kept me from moving, but they didn’t provide any support for any of my bound parts.  The least comfortable part about the tie was that my back was hunched over, and I was only semi-upright, so it was a lot of work for my abs.  I still really enjoyed it though.

Rope Marks

6 thoughts on “The Mousies Got Me!

  1. Wow its like the little people captured the giant lol. Lovely marks though. Are they still there?

    • @Noba! ::giggles:: That’s what a kitty gets for having too many rats! LOL! =^^= Nope, marks are gone. I’ve never had rope marks stay the next day, unless they broke skin or I got rope burn.

  2. lost_maverick says:

    Your like Gulliver :-)

  3. Mm, beautiful markings.