Missing You

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All the little things I do each day, while you work:

The cooking,



Washing the floor by hand,

Washing the windows,

Working on my Mewtique,





Working on your blanket,

Feeding and watering the cats..

And all the various other little things I do to keep the house running smoothly, I do not only because you want me to.  I do them out of a sense of duty, and pride, and a desperate desire to make you happy.

But mostly, I do them to kill time until it is the best part of the day.  The part when you and me become WE.

2 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. My SO is on a business trip and I’ve been a complete brat the entire time he’s been gone because I’m lonely and bored. I should try to channel some positive energy for the last few days of his trip and do some of the things you’ve listed above.

    I totally know what you mean about the best part of the day being when your master comes home.

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