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I’ve tried many toys which include suction, including some breast pumps, and nipple suckers of varying strengths.  Master has been wanting to try a pussy sucker, mostly (I think), because he enjoys watching body parts (nipples, breasts, etc) swell.  I enjoy suction because it is mildly humiliating for me, and once you get the suction going pretty good, you can experience quite a bit of pain.  (If you want, and we’ll get to that later).

I want to give a major shout-out to Lovehoney (AFF) for the opportunity to review this item for them.  Master and me have been having lots of fun with it. There was no indication on the outside of the box of what is inside the box.

Opening the box, I found my toy.  The box the toy comes in is not discreet at all, because it has a picture of a woman, and a pussy pump, but not the woman using the pussy pump.  There is also no actual nudity on the box.  I’d rate the box PG.  Still, if you’re going to be opening the box around anyone they will likely know what your toy is for.  I’d be careful who you open this one around.

Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump

The Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump (AFF) is a cool little device, and similar to many I had seen online in the past.  One of the biggest differences between this one and others I have seen is that it is shaped to fit comfortably over the vagina to make a good seal.  Yes, you’ll still need to hold it in place (at least for the first couple of pumps), but it did fit snuggly to my body, which was really nice.

Actual use of the toy is pretty simple.  As you can see in my pictures, the toy basically has a cup that you hold over your lady bits, and you squeeze the bulb on the end of the toy to the desired amount of suction.  On the box, it talks about making “full, beautiful lips.”  I want to say first and foremost, that if you’re the type of person who has an “innie”, and you’re hoping that this will make your labia bigger on a permanent basis, that’s not what this does.  My lips are “innie” style, and I like them that way.  (However, I think bigger lips are pretty too, it’s just not the equipment I was built with, and I don’t see one or the other as being better).  The pump will make your clitoris and lips swell and get much bigger than they normally look, but only temporarily and then you’re going to have smaller lips again.  Something to keep in mind in case you are daydreaming about your lips undergoing a more permanent change.

Pussy Pump

Master really loves toys like this, especially because he enjoys watching my pussy swell and get bigger.  I wasn’t so sure what I thought this would do for me, but I did think it would be more of a visual tool for Master, if nothing else.  He is very visually stimulated, and needs lots of visual to turn him on.  We were actually just sort of playing around with this while the TV was on.  Neither of us were expecting much out of it, because I’d had mild suction on my clit before, and while I don’t dislike it, it isn’t the biggest turn on for me either.  So there we were, slowly increasing the suction on the pussy pump while we were just messing around.  After about five minutes of moderate to intense pumping (Master kept releasing the valve, re-pumping, etc) eventually I looked at Master and said:

“I’m horny now.”

HA!  For us, it was a total surprise.  This doesn’t just enclose the clitoris though, it encloses your labia too.  It did engorge and make my lips swell quite a bit, and pumping this up to the max hurt.  (I’m turned on by pain, so for me, that’s a plus).  If you’re not someone who like pain, bear in mind that you can always use the quick release valve if you’ve pumped too much.

Not only did we have fun with the toy that night, but other nights since.  It is versatile, and with the see-through cup design, it really makes it easy for Master to watch, and he definitely likes looking at my pussy.

The toy itself did not come with any instructions (though it does come with a free mask.  The mask is nothing special, but it’s not bad if you’re in need of one, or don’t want to share your favorite one), and it also doesn’t say on the box or online what the Pussy Pump is made from.  My best guess is plastic and rubber (I think the pump bulb may be rubber), and as I said, I can’t be sure, but I think that the rim around the cup may be rubber too.  Personally, I never share anything which contains rubber, because rubber is porous.  Even if the toy was made from silicone, I’d still be on the “meh” side of sharing with anyone I’m not fluid bonded with, because the lip around the cup makes this difficult to clean.  You’re going to have to scrub it really well, but even then it may be best to keep this as a personal toy.  Since I’m unsure of what this is made of, I only use soap and water or a toy cleaner to clean it.

Overall, Master and me love this one!  I’m giving it four paws:I took off a paw for the material being unknown.  We still really like playing with it though.

Thank you so much, Lovehoney, for allowing us to try out this great toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.  Please check out Lovehoney for all sorts of great sex toys (AFF), and more!


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  1. I think i’ve bought from this company before for something in my Toy chest. Idk i’d have to check.

  2. You should read about pussy pumping. If you left the pump on for 30 mins+ then your lips/clit will stay swollen for up to an hour. Making sex even more enjoyable (winks)