XMas Eve

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It’s Xmas Eve! Tonight is going to be a little rough for me, because Master won’t be home for most of the night. Unfortunately, he has to work, and he’s on-call right now too, so while he’ll be home on Xmas, he’ll still have to work from home a little bit.

Still, I think we have both been holding up pretty well lately in general. The day before we were supposed to have the apocalypse Master and me opened about half of our presents. Ha ha. You know, in case there was no world the next day. Mostly, I wanted to make sure I saw him open up his big present in case of world explosion. (Not that I was too worried, but still). I got him Halo 4, and he was over-the-moon excited! =^^= I also got him a bunch of other stuff. He seems happy with it all.

I got a lot of cool stuff too. I was very spoiled. I got video games, and points to buy online games on Xbox, and movies, and silly putty and more! I am a lucky girl.

We did all of our xmas food shopping, with the exception of the fresh bread, which we’ll probably pick up early Xmas morning (there are bakeries open here on Xmas), or Xmas eve. =^^= I am very excited to have an entire day alone with Master, even if he has to work a little bit.

I wish everyone a happy holiday, if you partake!

Mew mew mew! =^^=

7 thoughts on “XMas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas Kitty! Good plan to have opened some presents before the apocalypse just in case! hehe!
    Hope it’s a great day for you both!

  2. Sounds like you will have a great time tonight and tomorrow. Unfortunately, my Sub cannot make it up to see me this year which I was really looking forward too. I guess more Netflix and gaming alone for me. Merry Christmas everyone.

  3. wishing you and your Master all the best for Christmas kitty *HUGS* for you both.

  4. Happy Holiday to you and your family kitty.