Time To Go Spelunking

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When I saw this dildo, it was one of those magical moments. I knew I needed it. Not only is it made of body safe silicone, but, I mean.. Bats! Leo arrived very quickly in discreet packaging as always. Thank you, EdenFantasys.

The actual packing that Leo himself is in is a bit of a pain in the butt to open. It’s a cylindrical tube with stiff plastic on both the top and bottom. I managed to get it open, but it wasn’t easy, and I got rid of the package, because it’s not something I want to deal with again, honestly. Could you keep the package? Sure, and I bet it would help keep lint and dander off your toy. As for me? I’m just really careful where I put it down and I wash it tons.

When I got the toy out of the package, I picked it up, and it felt kind of.. Weird to me. I own a lot of silicone toys, but to be honest, I’ve never had one that is quite this texture. I think what threw me off was the semi-translucency of the toy (so you can see the bats which are printed deep inside the toy, they are not on the surface, and they will not just rub off). I was so unsure of whether or not this was silicone, that I immediately got out my lighter and did a little flame test. The thing is solid. No melting, or issues at all! Yay! Long live Leo!



Leo is versatile. He is anal safe (with a good, sturdy base which is much wider than the head of the toy), phthalates free, odorless and taste free too! If you’re looking for a dildo to simulate oral sex on for a partner or cam show, then you’re safe with Leo. Want to know another secret about Leo? He’s got a suction cup base! Bring him in the shower, and go nuts! The only drawback about this is that, you’ve got to use water based lube with him (as he’s silicone), and, shower play is much better with silicone lube, as it won’t wash off without soap.

Leo has a semi-realistic head (well, does your partner have neon orange skin?), as well as a nice length of 8″ (7″ insertable), and 1 5/8″ in diameter. I think that he is a great size for working up to the big toys, or for your intermediate player.

See that nom-nom-nom curve? Yeah, Leo has you covered for G-spot play.. Provided you know where your G-spot is. This isn’t really the toy you buy when you’re looking to locate your G-spot. (For that I’d recommend something like this, which I’ve had amazing luck with). My G-spot is on the shallow side, and I’ve never had a problem with hitting it perfectly with Leo.

Do you like pegging or strap on play in general? Leo’s base is really thick and sturdy (though, a little bit on the flexible side), and I’ve never had it fall through the O-rings in my harness. It can be hard to find a toy with a thick enough base to stay in the harness, but Leo stays put! Yay!

Washing Leo? Couldn’t be easier. Just try washing it is warm water with soap, use a toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, or put him in the top rack of your dishwasher (with no soap). See? Plenty of options!

There are a lot of cool colors and styles of this particular dildo on EdenFantasy. While bats may not be your thing (but I love them!), you could always go with another color to rock you (or your partner’s) world.

The only real drawback I could find with this toy is the packaging. Honestly though, that isn’t enough for me to want to down-grade the toy. I’m giving it five gushy paws.5paws


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Silicone harness compatible dong

Note: This toy is from my own personal collection. It was not given to me in exchange for anything, including a review.