Itsy Bitsy Post

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I’m taking today to rest my hand, since we had a very minor snafu and I have a very minor injury now. It’s the same spot that always gets hurt though, so it’s no suprise. I’m just at the point where I know if I don’t baby the ever-loving shit out of my injuries they take forever to heal. So, baby it I shall. I’m sure it’ll be fine in a day or two, but until it stops tingling, I’ll be doing some lighter blog posts.

Anyway, Mom had surgery yesterday which was really minor, to fix the implant they put in after her mastectomy. I was really relieved when she called to tell me she was doing OK. At least she was sitting up and talking. Here’s hoping she gets better quickly.

Had to cancel PT today, because Master had to work late. Silly work. ::Sigh:: Oh, well. Right now, I keep cheering myself up with thoughts of Vegas! Less than two months! <3

Well, I’m gonna go rest my hand. Told ya this would be a quickie.


6 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Post

  1. Get better soon! I hope your hand cooperates with you :)

  2. Hope it feels better soon and glad your Mum is doing ok, hope she recovers well too!

  3. Foxx pads in and puts a Leaf on your paw, makes the hurt vanish

    • @fyremane Aww, thanks. It really isn’t too bad, I just need to lay off of typing and little things like that for a day or two. <3