Kitty Pajamas!

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Master got me these last week, when we were at the local sex toy shop! =^^= They were too cute not to share. OMG! TAIL! OMG! FOOT PADS! Hee hee. We had to alter it somewhat and it still needs to be taken in a bit.. But Master loves seeing me in it. It is so comfy too, and I never want to take it off. I think my favoritest thing about it is that the hood can cover my face while I nap. Ultimate kitty play suit ever!


Thank you, Master! <3

18 thoughts on “Kitty Pajamas!

  1. Oh.em.GEE. The cuteness. I am overwhelmed. Giant sleepover party where everyone has to wear awesome pjs has to happen ASAP! Just so you can show them off :D

  2. This is unbelievably adorable.

  3. awwwwww you are the cutest Kitty in the whole world EVER!

  4. *grabby paws*


  5. Heeeeereeee kittty kitttty kittttty!!!!!!

  6. so cute, and so pouncable, hehehehe, been wanting to get myself some fox jammies for some time

  7. Cutie cute! You look adorable!

    I’m a very warm person and can’t wear stuff like that. I wear summer jammies even in the dead of winter. I wish I could wear something that cute and cuddly, but I’d be a hot-flash hot mess.

    So lucky you can wear such sweet clothes.
    Stay cute, Kitty. :)