Sick Day For Master

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Master doesn’t get colds or flus very often, but I had a feeling something was up when Sunday night Master asked me at 9:PM if I would think he was sick if we went to bed. That is very early for him, and I did say it would make me think he was sick, but also that I’d happily go to bed with him. We put out the cold medicine for him in the morning, and lo and behold, it wasn’t helping enough for him to go to work. He woke me up to tell me that he was going back to bed but was gonna be home from work. Poor Master.

When we got up, I took care of him as best as I could, and it seemed to help. We did have to go out and get him some better cold medicine, and again later because our thermometer broke (of course it did). While we were out we bought a game Master has been pining for, Dragon’s Dogma. He spent most of the day between dozing off and playing the game. At least it cheered him up.

The day was really low key, and I’m not sure if he’ll be going into work today, (I’m writing this the night before), but the new cold medicine seems to help lots so he’s planning on it. I’m just glad I was there to take care of him.

5 thoughts on “Sick Day For Master

  1. Hope he’s feeling better today

  2. Hope he feels better soon

  3. I know how he feels I can hardly breathe myself it hit me Monday, though I’m still at work takes a lot for me to call out.