The Day I Became Master’s Ash Tray – During Sex

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I don’t really remember much of what we did prior or after. I know there was nipple torture, and my favorite paddle. I know Master had lots of fun throwing me around roughly like a rag doll. I know we were both really turned on and enjoying our time together. I know everything was starting to get “fuzzy” for me.

And then, after folding my legs into a basket shape, and putting my hands in place to hold them there – he told me to look at him. I was kind of confused and wanted to make sure I’d heard him right. I am not normally permitted eye contact during play time.

“Watch me,” he repeated.

One hand on Alistair (purely, I think, to “busy” his hand up) he took his other hand, got a clove out of the packet of cloves I keep on standby for cam shows, and he did a one handed light. I grinned from ear to ear. I swooned. I held perfectly still as he started chain smoking it. He did a few smoke tricks which he knows are incredible turn-ons for me. He took the nearby ash tray and he placed it between my thighs. I don’t know how long he smoked, flicking occasional ashes into the ash tray, but it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. He did it all one handed, and after he was done with the cigarette, he put it out in the ash tray, and I felt the hot smoke hitting my top calf.

I couldn’t stop talking about how hot it was all night. I have always thought smoking was okay, but lately, I am becoming more and more turned on by watching others smoke. It is very hot to me. I hope I get to be Master’s ash tray while we have sex again someday. Someday soon.


2 thoughts on “The Day I Became Master’s Ash Tray – During Sex

  1. Ooh, this is all very sexy! The photo, playtime recollections, and smoking. I’ve never smoked and do not like cigarettes at all; but Mister has Green Medicine cigarettes and he does look sexy with them.

    Hope you get to be your Master’s sexy ashtray again soon!


    • @Winsome Kitten Thank you! I think I first began to be turned on by cigarettes and cigars about two years ago, but my clit-o-meter is off the charts around them now. :) I bet your Mister looks great smoking his special cigarettes. ;)