Lelo Siri

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For a long time, I have wanted a Lelo Siri. Master agreed that it would be a good toy for me. When I first saw it, I admit that the reason I wanted it is that it seemed so small “Like a little mousie”. The kittygirl in me definitely was attracted to toying with a little mechanical mouse. Not that the people over at Lelo think of it that way, I’m sure.

When it showed up, I was very excited to play with it, but I had to wait. I held it in my hands, and it felt so smooth and soft. I knew I was going to enjoy it. But alas, I had to charge it first. Master and me walked away and tried not to think about the cute little toy sitting out waiting to play. It was taunting me, just like the little electronic mouse I was dreaming of.

Of course, later on did get to use it. We started out just turning it on and feeling the vibrations ourselves. We were surprised that such a small toy could be so rumbly and powerful! (Especially seeing as how it is also rechargeable!)

A cute, tiny toy, which comes in cute, vibrant colors? We definitely are fans. Generally, we have found that those expensive luxury sex toys have let us down in the past, but I am glad we finally got this one. It is powerful, discreet, and fits into our play style well. Plus.. It has the advantage of being the little toy mousie I was hoping it would be.