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So, nervous flibbertygibbet that I can sometimes be, I had asked Master if I could buy a memory stick so I could save all the text, blogs, etc, that I have been writing lately.  I know the files are all relatively safe on my computer, but you never know when your computer is gonna go toasty-poof, and I just like to have a backup of all the work I’ve done.  He brought me to the store, and we went to the electronics section.  Of course, immediately, Master starts picking up very “bland” looking memory sticks.  And also, of course, I picked up a couple “cutesy” ones.  Eventually I found this one.

“Mew!  Master!  Kitty can have this one?!”

And Master gave me a look that said:  ::sigh::

And I gave him back a look that said:  “Pretty please with sugar and blowjobs and cartwheels and toast on top?!”

Master said he needed a minute, so he let me go and look at video games (like I need more.  Ha!) while he decided.  In the end, he came back with the stick you see above.  Why, you ask?  Well, it had the same amount of memory as the stick Master was looking at, but (and he wanted to make sure I mentioned this) he was sure I wouldn’t lose a memory stick that looks like a little monster. 

“You’ll keep better track of it!”  He pointed out.  Hrumph.  I mean, really.  It’s not like I lose things that often.  True, I’ve only ever had one other memory stick before..  And true, I couldn’t tell you where it is right now…

Okay, okay, I think Master has proved his point.  But, those little memory sticks that are all flat – how do you NOT lose them?  Ha ha.  Oh well.  I’ll have to think up a new name for my little blue monster.


p>Post made per Master Pravus’s direct request

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5 thoughts on “Memory Stick

  1. Now I want a memory stick, just because it looks so cute!

  2. Oh, I need one like that, then I’d never lose it either :)

  3. That is absolutely adorkable! A cute little monster with a bow on its (no) hair!

    And you’re right, those flat memory sticks are so easy to lose track of. I own about 5 of them and can never find one when I need it!